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Friday, June 8, 2018 

The cryptocracy is live on Substack

A burgeoning community of crypto newsletters is emerging on Substack. Here’s a sampling of some of the best, with pitches provided by the authors.

Off the Chain

The pitch: “No frills. No bullsh*t. Just the best crypto newsletter every morning.” By Anthony Pompliano $10/month, $100/year


The pitch: “Token Reporter covers the world of cryptocurrency, token sales, and early stage startup funding. It is edited by John Biggs, formerly of the New York Times, Gizmodo, and TechCrunch.” $12/month, $120/year

Global Coin Research

The pitch: “What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia” $7/month, $70/year

Proof of Work

The pitch: “Weekly updates from the best cryptocurrency projects, direct from the founding teams.” By Eric Meltzer Free

Week in Ethereum

The pitch: “Weekly newsletter about the Ethereum protocol and ecosystem.” By Evan Van Ness Free


The pitch: “The most useful newsletter in crypto.” Free

The pitch: “Untethered summarizes the best Crypto podcast episodes one at a time, condensed into bite-size insights. Skim through a podcast shorter than Bitcoin average block time.” Free while in beta

Provably Neutral

The pitch: “A mix between a blog and a newsletter about my life as a crypto investor.” By Spencer Noon. Free

Coinward Blog

The pitch: “Research and opinions from Coinward.” Free

Blockcast Newscast

The pitch: “The latest in blockchain tech related news, community and workshop updates.” Free

Know of any good crypto writers that should be publishing on Substack? Please let us know!

News and views from the Substack team