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We interviewed Phil Levin and Gillian Morris, who write about coliving communities on their newsletter, Supernuclear.
Tell us about the best mentor you've ever had. Share a favorite memory or a few details about what made them so great. What did they teach you?
Ellie MacBride
Custom domains are now available on Substack. Many writers have told us they’d like to use custom domains to build a home for their newsletters, so we’…
This week, we interviewed Sady Doyle, a writer and nonfiction author who writes about horror movies on their newsletter, Doyle, S.
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What's something you're excited to share on Substack this week?Rather than posting a link, tell us about what you’re currently working on! Why do you think it’s important to share? Is there anything that mig…
Ellie MacBride
This week, we interviewed Steve Lord, who writes The Dork Web about hidden internet subcultures, bringing to mind the cyberpunk and hacker cultures of …
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