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This week, we interviewed Clayton Mansel, an aspiring physician-scientist who writes Synapse, a newsletter for people who are curious about the brain.
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Ellie MacBride
This week, we interviewed Caroline McCarthy, who writes The Firewood, a newsletter about our relationship to the outdoors.
What do you wish someone made a Substack about?What's a topic you really care about that you wish more people were writing about on Substack?
Ellie MacBride
For some inner peace this week, we interviewed Tzvi Gluckin, who writes The Ingathering, a series of interviews and essays about Jewish music. What’s y…
We recently announced Substack Bridge, our inaugural mentorship program aimed at supporting emerging writers through eight weeks of 1:1 mentorship with…
Ellie MacBride
You can now add captions and alt text to images in your Substack posts.
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