Today we’re announcing the next generation of the Substack Fellowship for Independent Writers, which features a $100,000 grant for the top recipient and advances of $25,000 each for four other fellows.
Substack Podcast #017: Psychedelics with Zach Haigney We spoke with Zach Haigney of The Trip Report, a newsletter covering the business, policy, and impact of psychedelics.
Join us next Thursday, July 9th for our next writer workshop, featuring Abigail Koffler of This Needs Hot Sauce.
What is the fellowship program? The Substack Fellowship for Independent Writers is a program that includes financial support, access to special resourc…
Substack Podcast #016: Finance with Kevin MuirWe spoke with Kevin Muir of The MacroTourist, a newsletter about trading and investing that aims to make finance fun.
Join us next Wednesday, July 1st for our next writer workshop, featuring Jarrett Carter Sr of HBCU Digest. Jarrett will talk to us about writing for a …
Substack Podcast #015: International news with Erin CookWe spoke with Erin Cook of Dari Mulut ke Mulut, a publication covering news across Southeast Asia.
Substack Podcast #014: Healthcare with Nikhil KrishnanWe spoke with Nikhil Krishnan of Out of Pocket, a newsletter that’s tackling healthcare with an entertaining and approachable voice.
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