Substack resources for publishers

Advice for how to make a good publication

Here are some resources to get you started on Substack, whether you’re publishing your first post, switching on payments, or growing your audience.

If you run into any questions, you can find help on our support page, or reach out to us there if you’re still having trouble.

Happy writing!

Getting started

What you get when you start a Substack publication

How to use the Substack editor

Elements of a successful Substack publication

How to use Substack for podcasts

Going paid

How to make money with Substack

9 steps to going paid

Substack launch checklist

Why free posts pay: avoiding a tempting mistake

Growing your audience

A growth masterclass with Judd Legum of Popular Information

How to use discussion threads to get closer to your readers, with Terrell Johnson of Half Marathoner

How to build a community around your publication

Advice from an expert on how to write in a time of Substack

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