Exploring the great writing on Substack.

This week, we interviewed Becca Lee, who writes The Haunted Librarian, "a spooky lil’ comic inspired by art history and the occult."
This week, we interviewed Joey Akan, who writes Afrobeats Intelligence, a publication that examines and celebrates the African music industry.
We interviewed Ken Lamberton, who writes The Big Yard, a publication that documents, in words and photos, every bird species that comes to his yard. 
This week, we interviewed Valorie Clark, who writes Unruly Figures, a publication and podcast about the life and times of the world’s greatest rebels. 
This week, we interviewed Jolene Handy, who writes Time Travel Kitchen, a publication that revisits classic recipes of the early 20th century. 
This week, we interviewed Jørgen Veisdal, who writes Privatdozent, a publication on the history of mathematics, physics and economics. 
This week, we interviewed Stacy Selby, who writes Fires, a publication about wildland fires and the issues surrounding them.
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