This week, we interviewed Frederick Woodruff, who writes WOODRUFF, a publication about astrology, tarot, and culture.

October 2022

This week, we interviewed Jet Toomer, the writer behind Tiny Violences, a publication exploring daily grievances, microaggressions, and the consequences…

September 2022

Roxane Gay shares how publishing on Substack fits into the broader constellation of her writing life
Takeaways from another year of publishing on Substack: writers share insights that every Substacker could benefit from, such as letting your readers be…
This week, we spoke to Parker Molloy, who writes The Present Age, a publication about communication in a hyperconnected world. Here, she handpicks some…

August 2022

We interviewed Seung Y. Lee, who writes S(ubstack)-Bahn, a publication telling the histories of public transit systems and the people and politics…
This week, we interviewed Natasha Lipman, the writer behind The Rest Room, a podcast and publication with a new view on living with chronic illness.
Monica McLaughlin, a jewelry enthusiast, writes Dearest, a Substack that delves into the history, craftsmanship, and big stories behind our tiny…
We interviewed Neil Barraclough, a copywriter who writes TypeTown, a publication celebrating the typewriter’s place in history and modern culture.
We spoke to New York Times best-selling author and artist Austin Kleon, who shares art, inspiration, and writing in his weekly Substack. Here, he…

July 2022

We interviewed Wu Fei, the composer and musician behind Wu Fei’s Music Daily, a publication sharing an original piece of music each day.
We interviewed scientist and journalist Jane C. Hu, who writes The Microdose (edited by Malia Wollan and Michael Pollan), a publication covering new…