Exploring the great writing on Substack.

This week, we interviewed Joey Akan, who writes Afrobeats Intelligence, a publication that examines and celebrates the African music industry.
We interviewed Ken Lamberton, who writes The Big Yard, a publication that documents, in words and photos, every bird species that comes to his yard. 
This week, we interviewed Valorie Clark, who writes Unruly Figures, a publication and podcast about the life and times of the world’s greatest rebels. 
This week, we interviewed Jolene Handy, who writes Time Travel Kitchen, a publication that revisits classic recipes of the early 20th century. 
This week, we interviewed Jørgen Veisdal, who writes Privatdozent, a publication on the history of mathematics, physics and economics. 
This week, we interviewed Stacy Selby, who writes Fires, a publication about wildland fires and the issues surrounding them.
This week, we interviewed Maya Cade, who writes Black Film Archive, a publication that expands on her work compiling vintage Black films that are curre…
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