On Substack

Substack serves writers who want to start subscription publications. For a limited time, you can subscribe to our company publication, On Substack, for free. Subscriptions are initially free because we want to offer an easy way to tour Substack’s features. (Also, because we haven’t finished the payments feature yet.) We will phase in paid subscriptions over time.

Subscribing to On Substack

On Substack is our company’s meta publication. In addition to regular commentary and analysis about the new media landscape, subscribers get insider tips on how to build successful subscription publications, up-to-the-minute updates about new features we’re working on, and easy access to Chris and Hamish for feature requests, bug reports, and ideas.

On Substack also demonstrates the no-nonsense, reader-centric experience of subscribing to a publication powered by Substack. Wouldn’t it be nice to get all your news this way?