A guide to Substack’s moderation tools for writers

As a writer, you may need tools to curate your community and avoid unwanted behavior and harassment. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to remove comments and ban individuals or lists of users from your publication.

Moderate comments

If you receive an unwanted comment on your post, you can delete it by clicking on the three dots beneath the comment, then clicking “Delete comment.”

If you instead want to completely remove that user from accessing your community, you can click “Ban from commenting.” A popup will appear enabling you to prevent that user from commenting on your publication for a set period of time or permanently.

Ban users in bulk

You may also want to ban a list of users, by email address, from subscribing and/or commenting. 

On your Settings page, go to the Community section, then click “Manage bans.” On this page, you can either: 

  • Type a list of emails in the dialog box to ban, separated by commas.

  • Upload a .csv file listing each email in a separate line, without commas.

After uploading a set of emails, you can select which kind of bans you want to apply (commenting, subscribing, or both) and how long you want the bans to last.

The “Manage bans” page also displays a list of all banned users, when each was banned, when each ban expires, and the comment for which the user was banned (when applicable). You can also click the “End ban” next to a particular user to end their ban early.