Substack comics on the Panels app

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re increasing the character limit

A few weeks ago, we welcomed comics creators to Substack, and already the enthusiasm from their audiences has been tremendous. 

To make the experience even better for readers, we’re excited to share that comics creators’ beautiful work published on Substack will soon be readable on the leading iOS comic reader, Panels

We are partnering with Panels to give comics subscribers a new option for organizing, syncing, and reading comics in a clean and delightful interface. Like Substack, Panels is known for its simple and intuitive tools that put readers in control. 

Readers can have their comics subscriptions appear directly in the Panels app simply by linking their Substack account to the app.  Readers using Panels will also be able to easily download comics, save their progress, and enjoy a richly featured and customizable reading experience. Panels Premium users will have even more reading options, such as panel view and vertical scroll. 

This integration allows comics creators to drag-and-drop comic files (.cbr, .cbz, or .pdf) into the Substack editor so that, once published, the comics will appear in the Panels app in full resolution.

The Panels app integration will roll out in the coming weeks, and we’ll be continuing to add even more features and functionality to enrich the experience of reading comics on Substack. Stay tuned for more.