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From time to time, we’ll highlight some new newsletters on Substack so you can take pleasure in their existence and consider becoming a subscriber. Today, we present a panoply of publications that cover subjects as varied as skincare, Southeast Asia, sportsball, policy, podcasting, and pop culture. You can also check out our (admittedly barebones) discover page to find even more newsletters. Happy reading!


British author and head of podcasts for the New Statesman Caroline Crampton writes about the practice of podcasting and includes a weekly themed playlist of great shows.

Two Bossy Dames

Cultural recommendations and commentary laced with impeccable discernment and insouciant charm, every Friday evening from library literati Margaret Willison and Sophie Brookover.

Rachel’s Notebook

Freelance policy journalist Rachel Cohen offers new reporting on labor, education, civil rights, cities, and more.


NBA analysis for international fans from American sportswriter Ian Thomsen, author of the upcoming book, The Soul of Basketball: The Epic Showdown Between LeBron, Kobe, Doc, and Dirk That Saved the NBA (April 17, 2018).

Middle Feast

New Zealand-based journalist and author David Cohen turns a critical eye—and a hungry stomach—to Middle Eastern cuisine, featuring recipes, commentary, and gorgeous imagery.

African Arguments

A newsletter for smart people who want to stay informed about politics on the African continent, by the team of journalists behind the African Arguments news site.

Nicole Knows About Skin

Irreverent skincare advice from Nicole Cliffe, culture writer and co-founder of The Toast.  

The Dry Down

Longform writing about perfume that touches on “history, memory, cultural criticism, Big Moods, and a potpourri of other subjects,” by journalists Rachel Syme and Helena Fitzgerald.

Dari Mulut ke Mulut

Weekly emails covering the must-know and emerging stories from across Southeast Asia by Jakarta-based journalist Erin Cook.

Famous People

New York parties reviewed, gonzo-style, by two women about town. Their pitch to subscribers: “what else are you gonna do with five bucks? throw it in the trash??”

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