New: More control over your subscriptions and community

Today, we’re sharing three new features that give you more control over your publication’s subscriptions and community. 

As a writer, you own your relationship with your community. These tools are part of our ongoing efforts to give writers more power to foster great experiences for their readers. (Expect a lot more to come!) 

Custom subscription renewal emails

You can now personalize the email that your annual subscribers receive a week before their subscription renews. This is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your readers as their subscription comes up for renewal. To edit the default email or add a personal message, go to “Subscription renewal email” on your publication’s Settings page.

Improved moderation tools

In addition to the existing ability to ban or delete unwanted comments, you can now ban individuals or lists of users from commenting or subscribing to your publication. You can add and view banned users by clicking “Manage bans” under the Community section of your Settings page.

For more detailed guidance on using our community moderation tools, check out our guide.

Turn off paid subscriptions

If you’d like to switch your paid publication back to a free one, you can disconnect your publication from Stripe, which will also cancel and provide prorated refunds to existing subscriptions. To do so, go to your publication’s Settings page and click “Turn off paid subscriptions.”

If you change your mind, you can easily turn on subscriptions again by connecting Stripe under “Set up paid subscriptions” on the Settings page. 

We’re continuing to develop tools that put writers directly in charge of their communities. Let us know in the comments what else you’d like to see.