Next Thursday: Join us to talk about writing in strange times

2020 is shaping up to be a strange year. Should you still launch your new project? Is it okay to keep writing and publishing? What if your readers can't afford to pay?

We've asked a few Substack writers to join us for a conversation about these questions and more:

  • Polina Marinova (The Profile), who left her job last week in the midst of a pandemic to go full-time on her publication

  • Henry Abbott and Judy Goodwin (TrueHoop), who switched up their editorial and pricing after the NBA suspended basketball season

  • Clara Parkes (The Daily Respite)who recently started a paid newsletter to provide "a brief interval of relief" to our inboxes every day

We'll livestream our conversation here, on the Substack blog, next Thursday, April 2nd, from 12:00-12:45pm PT. Afterwards, we'll join you in the comments to answer any questions.

What questions or topics would you love to see us cover? Let us know below!

[EDIT: You can watch the recording here.]