The cryptocracy is live on Substack

A burgeoning community of crypto newsletters is emerging on Substack. Here’s a sampling of some of the best, with pitches provided by the authors.

Off the Chain

The pitch: “No frills. No bullsh*t. Just the best crypto newsletter every morning.” By Anthony Pompliano $10/month, $100/year


The pitch: “Token Reporter covers the world of cryptocurrency, token sales, and early stage startup funding. It is edited by John Biggs, formerly of the New York Times, Gizmodo, and TechCrunch.” $12/month, $120/year

Global Coin Research

The pitch: “What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia” $7/month, $70/year

Proof of Work

The pitch: “Weekly updates from the best cryptocurrency projects, direct from the founding teams.” By Eric Meltzer Free

Week in Ethereum

The pitch: “Weekly newsletter about the Ethereum protocol and ecosystem.” By Evan Van Ness Free


The pitch: “The most useful newsletter in crypto.” Free

The pitch: “Untethered summarizes the best Crypto podcast episodes one at a time, condensed into bite-size insights. Skim through a podcast shorter than Bitcoin average block time.” Free while in beta

Provably Neutral

The pitch: “A mix between a blog and a newsletter about my life as a crypto investor.” By Spencer Noon. Free

Coinward Blog

The pitch: “Research and opinions from Coinward.” Free

Blockcast Newscast

The pitch: “The latest in blockchain tech related news, community and workshop updates.” Free

Know of any good crypto writers that should be publishing on Substack? Please let us know!