Three to read: Cari Wade Gervin, Adam Wren, Tony Mecia

This week we’ve been thinking a lot about the future of local news, so here are three great local news publications to check out. 

Cari Wade Gervin, The Dog and Pony Show

What’s it about? News, gossip, and other ruminations on Tennessee politics and events.

Worth reading: “While Voting for Anti-LGBT Bills, Rep. Bill Sanderson Used Grindr to Meet Men

Key line: “Sanderson denies everything in this story. I will have a second newsletter later today with a longer account of the interview we had last night, in which he begged me not to run this. Sanderson plans to resign at 12 p.m. CT today, but he has known about the content of this story since last Friday, July 19. The timing of his stepping down is not a coincidence.”

Cari’s credits: Slate, NPR, Deadspin, Eater, Bon Appetit, Nashville Scene, and many more, in both print and radio production.

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Adam Wren, Importantville

What’s it about? Detailed insider coverage of Indiana politics and business in the Trump era.

Worth reading: How Pete Buttigieg Reframed the Debate

Key line: “But for much of the second Democratic debate Tuesday, Buttigieg’s biggest foe wasn’t one of his fellow primary contenders but a gnat that buzzed around the candidate’s forehead. When he wasn’t swatting it away, he was evading easy categorization in a contest whose central conflict seemed to be between progressives and moderates.”

Adam’s credits: Politico Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly, The Daily Beast.

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Tony Mecia, The Charlotte Ledger

What’s it about? Original reporting and insight on Charlotte business news, following trends in banking, real estate, retail, tech, and more.

Worth reading: “Who Local Bigwigs are Backing for President

Key line: “The Ledger reviewed the records and found no Charlotte mega-tycoons who donated to presidential candidates — no Hugh McColls or Johnny Harrises. But there were still plenty of recognizable names. Here are some of the Democratic presidential candidates and the notable Charlotte folks who donated to them…”

Tony’s credits: Former senior writer at The Weekly Standard, more than a decade as a business editor and reporter at the Charlotte Observer.

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