Three to read: Claire Zulkey, Matt Stoller, Louis Peitzman

This week’s three publications to read are... 

Claire Zulkey, Evil Witches

What’s it about? Stories about motherhood, updates about tiny and huge battles at home, and essential journalism about stuff like butt health and good face cream.

Worth reading:  “Would you do it again?

Key line: “I would say ‘yes’ more quickly if I knew I would be better forewarned of the trauma of childbirth and postpartum, that you don’t actually have to like the parts of family life you think you ought to, and that being a woman does not mean you are inherently prepared to be a mother.”

Claire’s credits: New York Times, The Atlantic, ELLE, Forbes, Fast Company, and author of An Off Year

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Matt Stoller, Big

What’s it about? The history and politics of monopoly power.

Worth reading: The coming Boeing bailout?

Key line: “How did Boeing make miracles in civilian aircraft? In short, the the civilian engineers were in charge. And it fell apart because the company, due to a merger, killed its engineering-first culture.”

Matt’s credits: Fellow at the Open Markets Institute, former Senior Policy Advisor and Budget Analyst to the Senate Budget Committee, and author of the upcoming book Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy.

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Louis Peitzman, High Drama

What’s it about? Theater, Housewives, and horror.

Worth reading: Get in, loser, we’re going to the Heaviside Layer” 

Key line: “Can we just take a moment to enjoy gathering together in awe and horror at the decision to give humanoid cats boobs that make them look like the furry-inspired fantasy of Catwoman becoming an actual cat on Batman: The Animated Series?”

Louis’s credits: New York Times, Vulture, Time, BuzzFeed.

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