Three to read: Delia Cai, Terrell Johnson, Julia Carpenter

This week’s three publications to read are... 

Delia Cai, Deez Links

What’s it about? A daily link to interesting things in the media business, with Friday Q&As.

Worth reading: Maggie Haberman had to WHAT?????

Key line: “Maggie Haberman had to give her giant book advance back because of Glenn Thrush’s sexual misconduct allegations BUT HE GOT TO KEEP HIS (yes, you read that right; yes, our eyeballs veins popped, too)...”

Delia’s credits: Growth & trends editor at BuzzFeed, bylines in The Cut, New York Times, GQ, and more. 

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Terrell Johnson, The Half Marathoner

What’s it about? Stories, conversation, race deals, and advice about running as a practice and pastime.

Worth reading:The challenge of running consistently when you (and your partner) work

Key line: “One of the biggest challenges my wife and I experience is how we manage when we exercise. Not because we disagree on whether it’s important or that we don’t support one another — we agree completely, and want nothing less than for each other to be our best. But fitting it in our schedules can sometimes border on the impossible.”

Terrell’s credits: Former journalist and editor for The Weather Channel’s 

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Julia Carpenter, A Woman to Know

What’s it about? Pithy profiles of fascinating women.

Worth reading:Belle Starr

Key line: “Ever the lady, Belle always rose side saddle and wore a feathered riding hat — even as she toted two guns and galloped away from authorities.”

Julia’s credits: Reporter at Wall Street Journal, bylines in Vogue, Washington Post, Elle, and more, mentor at Girls Write Now

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