Three to read: Jonathan Katz, Shauna Ahern, Christine Sismondo & Adam McDowell

This week’s three Substack publications to read are... 

Jonathan Katz, The Long Version

What’s it about? A blend of investigative reporting and historical analysis that brings insights on foreign policy, national politics, conflict, climate, and disaster. 

Worth reading: Concentrate on the camps

Key line: “You might balk at my use of ‘concentration camp.’ That’s good, it’s something to balk at. Hannah Arendt knew the concept too well: She was imprisoned by the Gestapo and later interned by the French ahead of the German invasion. She wrote that concentration camps ranged from the extreme Nazi extermination camps to ‘relatively mild forms, once popular even in non-totalitarian countries, for getting undesirable elements … out of the way.’”

Jonathan’s credits: New York Times, Associated Press, Slate, The Atlantic, fellow at New America, and author of The Big Truck That Went By.

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Shauna Ahern, Enough

What’s it about? Love letters about finding joy in enough, with an emphasis on food

Worth reading:She knew what to do

Key line: “There is no security in the world. We are all going to leave it. The least we can do is live fully while we are here, instead of cowering in fear.”

Shauna’s credits: Founder of Gluten-Free Girl, author of cookbooks including Gluten-Free Girl Every Day and Gluten-Free Girl American Classics, and the upcoming Enough.

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Christine Sismondo & Adam McDowell, Moose Milk

What’s it about? A newsletter for Canadians who want to drink well.

Worth reading: Vodka (still) pays the bills

Key line: “Is this a worthy subject for a drinks writer to explore? I think summer warrants it, since nobody wants to muddle a bitters-soaked sugar cube into a glass at Trinity-Bellwoods. Plus, there’s a Brio Hard Soda ($2.95) that I really wanted to know more about.”

Christine & Adam’s credits: Christine has written for the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and Quench, and is author of America Walks into a Bar. Adam has written and edited for Toronto Life, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and the National Post, and is author of Drinks: A User’s Guide

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