Three to read: Kelsey McKinney, Kate McKean, DongWon Song

This week’s three publications to read are... 

Kelsey McKinney, Written Out

What’s it about? Women who have been written out of the literary canon, written out of history, and written out of contemporary literary coverage.

Worth reading: When book clubs were radical

Key line: “Everything is nice in the book club on television. No one is mad. The thing about discussing a book is that it inevitably leads to discussing your life, and your society.”

Kelsey’s credits: Deadspin, New York Times, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Ringer, Eater, Fader, BuzzFeed, GQ. 

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Kate McKean, Agents and Books

What’s it about? Advice on how to write a book and find an agent from a New York-based literary agent .

Worth reading: How to quit your job and write full-time

Key line: “Publishing is fickle. Books are wonderful. Writing is fickle and wonderful and horrible and sometimes the only thing you can do.”

Kate’s credits: Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, adjunct professor at New York University, writer.

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DongWon Song, Publishing Is Hard

What’s it about? Thoughts from a New York-based agent on how to survive as a writer (and agent) in the publishing industry. 

Worth reading: “Publishing is slow

Key line: “I literally have a sweatshirt that pleads ‘Make publishing go faster.’ But on doing some recent reflection, I’ve come to understand that the slowness of the business, while not an unalloyed good, does provide a purpose and is an essential part of the process.”

DongWon’s credits: Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, ex-Zola Books, former editor.

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