Three to read: Lindsay Gibbs, Sarah Gailey, Scott Hines

This week’s three publications to read are... 

Lindsay Gibbs, Power Plays

What’s it about? A newsletter for people who are ready to see equality for women in sports. 

Worth reading: How Nike’s abuse of female athletes was exposed

Key line: “Cain saw Felix’s story, and that’s when she decided to reach out to Crouse. The courage became contagious. And it all started because one reporter listened closely to what these women were saying in public, read between the lines, and asked the right questions.”

Lindsay’s credits: Co-host of Burn It All down podcast, contributor to The Athletic DC, former sports reporter for ThinkProgress, bylines at Deadspin, Bleacher Report, The Ringer, NPR, and others. 

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Sarah Gailey, Here’s the Thing

What’s it about? Recipes, short stories, poems, essays, and more from Hugo award-winning author. 

Worth reading:Teen Wolf vs Teen Witch

Key line: “Did I watch this motion picture? I’m not sure. I certainly sat on my couch for ninety minutes with my eyes open and directed toward my television, and I am assured that the film played that entire time, but all I can report to you is a sense of humid upset. Between the opening credits and the closing credits I became a sentient fog of nausea and worry, because the thing I was seeing refused to resolve itself into a coherent image, and my optic nerves were braising themselves in the attempt. That is not to say TEEN WITCH is a bad movie.”

Sarah’s credits: Author of Magic For Liars, American Hippo, and more. Hugo award winner, finalist for Campbell and Nebula awards.

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Scott Hines, Action Cookbook

What’s it about? Sports and fandom, frivolous and serious, with recipes.

Worth reading: The sports internet mattered

Key line: “I don’t want to be overly sappy about it — a lot of that has just been making silly jokes and wasting time on various employers’ clocks — but it’s not a stretch to say that my life, and the lives of many people I know, would be different without the ecosystem that Deadspin helped foster.”

Scott’s credits: Bylines in SB Nation and Decider. 

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