Three to read: Phil Plait, Ariel Meadow Stallings, James Maynard

This week’s three publications to read are... 

Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy

What’s it about? The universe, as interpreted by astronomer, mad scientist, and goat herder Phil Plait. 

Worth reading:0g dancing, coal crossing over

Key line: “This is a fascinating — and quite honestly tremendously exciting — stat: Solar and wind power have dropped in price so much that we could replace nearly 75% of all coal-fired power plants and immediately save money for consumers. For most of the U.S., just operating and maintaining coal plants is now more expensive than installing solar/wind from scratch.”

Phil’s credits: Author of Death From the Skies!, the book Bad Astronomy, and SYFY’s Bad Astronomy blog (formerly of Slate); talking head on the Discovery Channel and other TV shows.  

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Ariel Meadow Stallings, Arielist

What’s it about? NSFW personal development, notes on the publishing business, and “lapdances for god”

Worth reading:Confessions of a divorced wedding blogger

Key line: “Four years on the other side of my divorce, I’ve come to understand that failed marriages aren’t mistakes. These days, I look at photos of newlyweds and don’t want anyone to run… I think to myself, ‘Ooh, I hope you’re ready to sink your teeth in!’”

Ariel’s credits: Author of Offbeat Bride, Pros Before Bros, and From Shitshow to Afterglow; bylines in The Guardian, Dwell, Modern Bride, and more; publisher of Offbeat Empire.  

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James Maynard, The Cosmic Companion

What’s it about? News and history of astronomy and space exploration. 

Worth reading: The Cosmic Companion October 5, 2019

Key line: “Astronomers discovered previously-unknown galaxies in a cluster from the early Universe, organic material was detected erupting from the geysers of Enceladus around Saturn, and a new idea suggests dark matter could be fuzzy.”

James’s credits: Science journalist, web developer, former owner of a science store.

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