Three to read: Robert Christgau, Lily Zacharias, Amal El-Mohtar

Robert Christgau, And It Don’t Stop

What’s it about? Criticism and commentary on music, books, politics, and old age, by the “dean of American rock critics,” for 37 years the chief music critic and a senior editor at The Village Voice, and still vigorous at 77 years old. 

Worth reading: Consumer Guide: September, 2019

Key line: [On Madonna’s Madame X] “Depending on your age, she’s either your colorful Aunt Madge or a long-lost pal you ran into at a screening of Little Woods... If you think Aunt Madge has become a bore, that’s your petty right. If you remain fond of her, pour yourself a nice glass of chablis and listen.”

Robert’s credits: The Village Voice, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Spin, Billboard, Playboy, NPR, and many others; multiple books

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Lily Zacharias, Good Morning Bitches

What’s it about? News roundups, internet oddities, recommendations, and personal anecdotes. 

Worth reading:good morning bitches 9/20/19

Key line: “Now, let’s be fair here. There isn’t a straight woman alive who has watched Jonathan sledgehammer cabinets and pick out backsplash and not thought to herself ‘God I could spend the rest of my life with that man.’ But just……read this article about the Property Brothers Cruise and your opinion might, um, change.”

Lily’s credits: Writer for Chicago’s WGN-TV. 

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Amal El-Mohtar, Amal Content

What’s it about? Personal writing about loving things very earnestly, from a poet, critic, columnist, and author. 

Worth reading: Gradually watermelon

Key line: “I experienced ‘gradually watermelon’ in waves. First, the lyrics — ‘ah! THIS! Right!’ — then the dead seriousness of the faces — ‘ha!’ — then — then.

The watermelon.


Comes into view.

I absolutely lost it.”

Amal’s credits: Award-winning writer of fiction, poetry, essays, and criticism; science fiction and fantasy columnist for the New York Times; co-author of This Is How You Lose the Time War; author of The Honey Month.

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