Three to read: Sarah Bessey, Whitney Fishburn, Dennis Lee

This week’s three publications to read are... 

Sarah Bessey, Field Notes

What’s it about? Essays, books worth reading, recommendations, and commentary on life and faith by author and speaker Sarah Bessey.

Worth reading: Nope, Not Going Home

Key line: “The Early Church was the one place in society where we weren’t told ‘go home, woman’ but ‘show up, sister.’ In fact, it is my sincere belief that if the Apostle Paul knew how a few lines he wrote in a letter to a particular church in a particular context had been twisted to silence women for generations, he would be brokenhearted.”

Sarah’s credits: Author of Jesus Feminist, Out of Sorts, and the just-released Miracles and Other Reasonable Things; creator of the Evolving Faith Conference.  

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Whitney Fishburn, Docu-mental

What’s it about? News, information, and analysis about identiy, mental health, and how to attain peace of mind in today’s America.  

Worth reading:Anti-trust and the crushing of physicians’ souls

Key line: “If CVS becomes the one in charge of infusion treatments what is lost? For one thing, the physicians lose control of the patient-physician relationship because it will now be intermediated by whoever is ultimately in charge of the CVS corporate mission.”

Whitney’s credits: Former managing editor of Psychiatric Annals, Pediatric Annals, and several other lifestyle and trade publications; former reporter of policy and practice in Clinical Psychiatry News, Pediatric News, and Internal Medicine News, among other medical titles; opera and classical music reviewer. 

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Dennis Lee, Food Is Stupid

What’s it about? Award-winning Chicago-based food writer celebrates the frequent stupidity of food with thoughtful commentary and questionable stunts. 

Worth reading: Vegan beef tartare is Beyond the pale

Key line: “Without any actual cooking to mask the flavor, the Beyond Beef’s decidedly smoky, pet-foody, un-meatlike taste was free to let its freak flag fly. The acid and spices of the other ingredients, while definitely pleasant, did little to rescue the dish. I don’t know what we expected.”

Dennis’s credits: Contributor to Serious Eats, Thrillist, The Takeout, Kitchen Toke, and Dill. 

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