We have a real logo now

We’ve been going for almost a year and a half with a logo that was designed by Chris, our CEO, in Photoshop in about 20 minutes. It’s not especially sophisticated. It’s an ‘S’ inside a notched circle that kind of looks like a dollar sign. Because Substack helps writers make money. You get it.

But now we have a real logo, done by actual designers and informed by more than a passing thought. If we really put our minds to it, we could probably write a 14,000-word essay about the development process and its deeper meaning, but, just this once, we’ll spare you.

The new logo is pretty simple. The icon is a bookmark, indicating a choice you make when something is worth coming back to. We hope to help create things worthy of your bookmark.

At the very least, we hope you don’t hate it.

(The image at the top of this post is by Aaron Burden; other people did the logo, though.)