We made a podcast!

Introducing: The Substack Podcast

In the course of working on Substack, we’ve had the opportunity to have lots of interesting conversations with writers who have earned their independence. The stories and lessons that came from those conversations felt deeply valuable — so much so that we wanted to share them with everyone.

Our goal is to talk to writers that who earned their independence to learn how they did it. We hope it’ll be a fun and useful way to spend your commute. To get a flavor of what the show is like, here’s a 60-second video trailer:

How To Listen

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Upcoming Episodes

You can view the full list of upcoming guests at https://podcast.substack.com, but by way of a preview:

The first episode is with Tim Urban, creator of Wait But Why, a blog about technology and society, read by millions of people and is supported directly by readers.

After that, we talk to Ann Friedman, creator of The Ann Friedman Weekly, an OG newsletter supported directly by her readers. Ann is also the host of the mega-popular podcast Call Your Girlfriend.


This is a new experiment, so we’d love to hear what you think! Please send us emails and leave comments on these posts as we release new episodes. We’d especially love to hear your thoughts on:

  • Who should come on the show?

  • What topics should we talk about?

  • What topics should we avoid?

Thank you!
—The Substack Team