Great idea but notwithstanding the good intentions, it is fruitless. Anybody can start a newsletter featuring local journalism. The issue is how to make a business out of it - and there is not one mention here of product, market or revenue. Not one!

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This is a great initiative! Congratulations to all and continued success :)

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Thanks Substack! Onwards and upwards!

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How do I find out when the next local news intensive takes place?

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Congrats to the winners. Hope you live up to the grants they were meant for. The real challenge begins now. To find 1000 True Fans to help you sustain independent journalism. Best of luck to that. And if you want to know about a day in the life of a senior journalist, you could subscribe to my newsletter: https://www.repdiary.substack.com

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Very exciting, Adam Stone…. So proud of you!

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i have just joined this community today and i do write about life and issues and what not on different social media platforms but in my native language.

So far I've came to a conclusion that there is a huge communication and understanding gap among the society aka Pakistan i live in and other societies of the world and gap/void is at both ends.

i would love to explore what this community has it in and the diverse range of writers to be read.

i will be going through all in coming days.


so, my major input would of the kind to fill in the void with my two cents of issues and approaches, and hey! i've just posted a free publication regarding outcry of masses regarding a statement given by my country fellow, a Nobel Prize winner MALALA YOUSAFZAI.

here is the url to that post in case anyone might want to get an idea about it.


Also can you guys please recommend me some good writers to follow?

i'll be obliged.


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Congrats to all the recipients! Very cool initiative!

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Venture capital making it rain like Magic City on a Friday night. I dig it. Many thanks. I promise to suck less than the next guy, unless the next guy is Greenwald.

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Were there new outlets funded in 2022 or 2023?

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I can see I'm two years late on this, but I just started an alternative press publication for Wichita Falls, Texas at https://www.FallstownFuse.com

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If you care about these writers, you can Re-stack this Note nearly 2 years later: https://substack.com/profile/21731691-michael-spencer/note/c-15445782?utm_source=notes-share-action

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thanks for sharing the updated content. https://uaetaxadviser.com/

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It's time to announce the winners of Substack Local: Telling the stories of our communities.

Substack Local was a community-driven competition that brought together people from all walks of life to tell stories about their local neighborhood. The goal was to help people learn more about their community, and it ended up attracting participants from all over the world.

We received over 100 submissions from all corners of the globe, and we had a hard time narrowing it down to just 10 winners! But we did it—and now you can see all 10 stories on our https://jackpotworth.com/ website today!

Each story tells a little bit about what makes this place special and unique, and how its residents have contributed to making it so great. We hope that these stories will inspire you to get out there and explore your own neighborhood—and maybe even start telling your own stories!

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Nov 9, 2022·edited Nov 9, 2022

It's been an amazing year for Substack Local!We've seen so many amazing stories and Substack Local has grown so much. We're excited to announce the winners of Substack Local.

First, we have to give a huge thank you to all of the Substack Local writers. You are the heart of Substack Local and we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for sharing your stories and your Substack Local experiences with us.

And now, without further ado, here are the winners of Substack Local:

Best Overall Substack:

Best Substack for angel number _ Check out if you are a tatto lover: https://spiritualfeel.com/222-angel-number-tattoo/

The Washington Post's "The Daily 202"

Best Substack for Local News:

The New York Times' "The Local"

Best Substack for Sports:

SB Nation's "The Comeback"

Best Substack for Technology:

The Verge's "The Interface"

Best Substack for Entertainment:

Vulture's "The Must List"

Best Substack for Food:

Bon Appetit's " BA Foodist"

Best Substack for Fashion:

Who What Wear's "The Who What Wear Daily"

Best Substack for Travel:

AFAR's "The Wayfarer"

Best Substack for Women:

The Everygirl's "The Everygirl"

We're so excited to see what the future holds for Substack Local. Thank you again to all of the Substack Local writers. We can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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It has been said that journalism is the first draft of history. And, in many ways, that is true. But, it is also true that journalism is so much more than that. It is the story of us – of who we are and what we do. It is the record of our lives, our hopes and our dreams.

And, it is under threat.

Local newspapers play a vital role in our democracy. They hold our elected officials accountable. They give a voice to the voiceless. They shine a light on the issues that matter most to our communities.

And, when they disappear, we all suffer.

That is why we need to support local journalism. And, that is why I am so excited about the launch of the Cheap Sublimation Printer at https://sublimationhome.com/cheapest-sublimation-printer/.

The Cheap Sublimation Printer is a new, low-cost printer that makes it possible for anyone to print high-quality sublimation prints. That means that anyone can now produce professional-looking prints at a fraction of the cost of traditional printing methods.

The Cheap Sublimation Printer is perfect for local newspapers. It is fast, reliable, and produces prints that are indistinguishable from those produced by more expensive printers. And, it is very affordable.

I believe that the Cheap Sublimation Printer has the potential to revolutionize local journalism. It has the potential to make it possible for local newspapers to survive and thrive. And, it has the potential to make a real difference in the communities they serve.

I am excited about the possibilities for the Cheap Sublimation Printer. And, I believe that it can make a real difference in the fight to save local journalism.

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