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No mention of Adventure Snack? :-( Bite-sized choose-your-own-adventure style interactive fiction that also experiments with probability engines and machine learning. And it’s hilarious.


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I'm not serializing a novel, but I've produced novel length content, one short story per day, over 550 in 18 months on Substack.

I think the advantage with my short stories is that if one isn't to your liking, you get a new story the very next day. With all respect due the writers of serialized novels, if the content isn't to the reader's liking, they really can't engage. My stories are all over the map. My subscribers seem to enjoy the variety, the surprise of unwrapping the daily fictional ( but very real ) gift.

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So many great recommendations! Here are some of mine:

Adventure Snack

Bite-sized adventures stories for your lunch break



Beautiful photos paired with the author’s musings



Provides a push to help you get engaged on Twitter


Letters of Note

Absolutely wonderful letters of every variety



My collection of fiction, poetry, and personal essays


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Currently serialising a young adult fantasy novel at https://underland.Substack.com

Some others I’m reading and/or subscribed to are:

The Tidewater Papers - https://josephwknowles.substack.com/

Holy Writ - https://holywrit.Substack.com/

Arc Worlds - https://jonauerbach.substack.com/

Some of the other ideas here are awesome!

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There are so many creative writers here! Some of the more unique Substacks I’ve been loving lately are:

Deep dives on perfume: https://miccaeli.substack.com/

Ocean photography from divers around the world: https://oceanpulse.substack.com/

Jewelry up for auction this month: https://dearest.substack.com/

Cartoons about everyday life https://snacktime.substack.com/

And growing by the minute....

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Alongside the serial novel is the long poem: I'm curious if there are any other poets out there that are taking advantage of this form to write a series of poems . . . nothing mentioned in the article above. If not, there's always my sonnet series, almost at the 1 year mark.

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I really like Poetry Trapper Keeper, it's an exciting experimental exchange of poems. This two-woman team is letter-writing in poetry form. It''s cool and edgy and... somehow they got flagged for violating Substack TOS. So, that's not a good sign for experimenting with formats on this platform... I hope this gets sorted and you can all check them out on https://poetrytrapperkeeper.substack.com.

Apart from that, I see that I am publishing myself a mixed bag of some of the above. With my own Substack, I'm building an inbox poetry magazine. I have weekly fresh poetry, the occassional podcast episode, and every month a fresh playlist with 27 songs that (mostly) make me happy and I hope it will make you happy, too. I'm over at https://trippleeffect.substack.com

Speaking of poetry, I would like to mention two other substacks, that stand out for me, because they are focused and offer tiny bits of joy. One is Hello Universe, with a fresh poem written with the rhythms and rhymes of nursery rhymes as format. See: https://hellouniverse.substack.com/ . The other is ACM Weekly, a weekly newsletter with just a few poems from the author. She writes very soothing sonnets and haiku. Find it at https://achristinemyers.substack.com/

If you know or create a poetry substack, please let me know in the comments.

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LOVE what you guys are doing! I started LETTERS FROM EVERYWHERE when I was visiting Singapore for six months. I wrote about an aspect of life in Singapore. When I returned to the United States, I wasn't sure how I was going to parlay this into my life back at home. I continued to write, however, and finally it dawned on me that I had something to offer, weekly, that would grow me (and others) in some way.

So five weeks ago, I announced that I would be writing about books in translation. Every week, I read a work that has been translated into English and I share my feelings about it. The last five are at bit.ly/3tW7Yhy, bit.ly/3Ck2a5j, bit.ly/3sqhiux, bit.ly/3v3DxYZ, bit.ly/3uHmEmS. It isn't all that simple, especially when, every week, I've got to read some 300 to 400 pages. It keeps me disciplined and I love how much I'm learning.

Thank you for giving me a forum, Substack! I love the community you've built.

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Thanks for the shoutout Substack <3

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I’ve been making use of the footnote option as a sort of impromptu appendix

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Sherman Alexie's writing--sharing his thoughts, fiction, and poetry--is just so very good! https://shermanalexie.substack.com/

For "new format," FOREST is a daily wonder, with three quick parts, including an image and music, to ponder long after you've read! https://theforest.substack.com/

Annette's Non-Boring History is just a marvel! https://annettelaing.substack.com/

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Some really good ideas here for using Substack.

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We're on our fourth book in the book club attached to my newsletter, about to start A Confederacy of Dunces. It's a lot of fun with good engagement; many posts get hundreds of comments.

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My substack is focussed on the art and craft of fiction, notably what makes a great story. I use my work and other famous writers to show examples. I was inspired to start this because of my favourite newsletter: George Saunders Story Club. (Which I never miss.)

I experimented this week with adding an audio element... a mini-podcast (only 7 minutes).

Would love if you gave it a read, or listen.

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Ivan from https://lifeboat.substack.com/ translates Chekhov and more into English. Wonderful!

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