I hate to be negative towards another Substacker, but for anyone who thinks Chris Cuomo is an honest actor, this blatant lie is essential viewing:

'Remember, it's illegal to possess' WikiLeaks Clinton emails, but 'it's different for the media,' says CNN's Chris Cuomo.


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You had me until the Chris Cuomo plug. That one sentence incinerated my trust in your judgement that was created as I read through the article. If you think that guy is "independent", deserves a promo, or you don't understand how promoting him tarnishes the impression of you, then obviously your judgement is severely flawed and should not be relied upon.

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The best conversations in the world are happening on Substack. Long form podcasts, videos, and written interviews with fascinating people that MSM ignores because of their compromised business models and corrupt narratives. I enjoyed interviewing fellow Substack writer NS Lyons today about the China convergence, which won my banger of the year award: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/ns-lyons-china-convergence-interview-banger

Thank you for continuing to protect free speech and empower creators!

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You had me until you mentioned Chris Cuomo. As far as I'm concerned he's dead.

He's an egregious slob and negatively affects what you're proposing. Bye.

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Substack is now an icon for righteous amongst other social media platforms.

I love the work SUBSTACK is doing and I'm doubling my effort my content daily

But when it comes to video SUBSTACK have a lot of work to do.

1. Add the ability to change video quality to reduce data overconsumption 240p 480p 1080p and so on..

2. Since the backbone for SUBSTACK is great writing they should make it for people to watch the video and also scroll along the written text, this way they would stay true to Thier original vision ...

3. I'm from Nigeria and I can't connect to stripe since it isn't supported in my country and I also do not have the money to setup atlas by stripe so this means I have potentially no way of making money from the SUBSTACK, this is a big problem because people over here view substaias am American thing but YouTube is perceived as a global stuff and people are giving YouTube Thier all over here.

It SUBSTACK can invest in multiple payments options like paystack, flutterwave and others from different continent it would help scale up the site.

.......... PS...........

If you are reading this and you write inspiring, educational or motivational content, let's connect and help each other out, I'd love to have some guest on my podcast.

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A bit rich to call Chris Cuomo "independent" after all that happened...

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This is truly visionary! Now if we can get everyone to watch these shows on a hard-wired TV or computer, this vision would also be environmentally and ecologically friendly, as the increase of data from videos contributes to an exponential increase of wireless EMF radiation:


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There is a bulletin e-mailed out by a man who manages a homeless shelter. I learned about the brutality of that place, and how he has started from scratch to kearn how the homeless think. He runs the shelter 4 blocks away, and lives in town. I read a few of his bulletins and they were competently written, with toughness and heart combined.


that is not as going to ever be as good as Zola's novels. He writes on on the wretched of Paris, like "Gervais". I save my time for the likes of Sopholcles's "Ajax".

I save my precious time for reading books that are written with eternally, timeless concenrs of all humanity, with solidity and substance that sustains me in all times of my life, things that touch my heart AND MY MIND''S LOVE OF ART. Whatever I read must show truly profound writing ability., but most of all--GENIUS. Genius, Genius.

My time is precious, as all of us think our time is precious.

There are already are enough great book of plays and great literature for anyone to read and they dio not have to learn about new cuisines.

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In 1973 Frank Zappa wrote a song called "The Slime". Pretty much summed up the history of TV along with Broadcasting rights and all things connected to it.

Lyrics Are great...Frank a little raspy of pitch on the melody.

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The All-In podcast w David Sacks, Jason Calacanis, Chamath Palihapitipa, and David Freidberg- 4 super- smart Tech VC's -have had really great long form convos w RFK Jr., Vivek Ramaswamey, Rucker Carlson- to name a few. You Tube, Spotify etc....

Also Triggernometry w Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster

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Thank you so much Dan for giving Listening in the Dark and our series, Further Ado a shoutout! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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All I see being plugged is wokeism - nothing intelligent nor conservative - take note - is that to bring more libtards to substack or to promote more TPTB nonsense?

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When there is just TOO much stuff to read, review, watch, I appreciate a little direction and suggestion! Thanks!

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Hey don't knock those old soap operas until you've tried them. They were the backbone of my high school years and a bonding agent with friends and mother. I took a few to college with me as did the hundreds who gathered in the union to watch All My Children every day. No one can replace Erica Kane. My friend Ginger and I had a going away party for the last episode #sad. No one has replaced daytime televsion with a show that can compete with the glorious soap opera!

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“We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak.” —Diogenes Laertius

Long writers, short talking heads!

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First of all, this is newsy and intriguing. Next, I did not know Substack had staff or departments because there are no names, no email addresses, no phone numbers, just pages and pages of operating instructions. Head of Culture and Music? Does head mean more than one of you in culture and music? Other than Culture and Music, are there other departments or functions in Substack, other than owner, secretary, and treasurer? Substack is a magical place; still, I wonder about the man behind the curtain. https://www.google.com/search?q=wizard+of+oz+man+behind+the+curtain&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS846US846&oq=wizard+of+oz+and+man+behind&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUqCAgBEAAYFhgeMgYIABBFGDkyCAgBEAAYFhgeMggIAhAAGBYYHjIICAMQABgWGB4yCAgEEAAYFhgeMggIBRAAGBYYHjIICAYQABgWGB4yCAgHEAAYFhgeMggICBAAGBYYHjIICAkQABgWGB7SAQg4MzQ0ajFqMagCALACAA&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:75095f2a,vid:ivRKfwmgrHY,st:0

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