Hey, writers: Ask some lawyers anything

Hello! Today, we're hosting Mike Wolfe, Tim Hwang, and Lea Rosen, experienced media attorneys we're working with to provide some legal support for Substack writers. Mike, Tim, and Lea's work for Substack will cover copyright issues, and claims related to defamation, libel, and confidentiality. To kick off this first version of the 'Substack Defender' program, they'll be live in this discussion thread for the next hour (and perhaps a little beyond that), so you can ask them anything. Send in your questions on editorial-related legal matters now!

(ALSO: Please be aware that these answers are general, and are NOT personal legal advice. Mike, Tim, and Lea cannot give you personalized legal advice in this format. They can answer broad questions, but if you need specific advice about a particular situation, they cannot provide it in this format. They are ONLY offering general information about the law. By answering your question, they are NOT agreeing to represent you in any capacity.)