Thank you for sharing my newsletter, and all the others! It’s so helpful to learn from one another. 🥰

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I've got a bit of a milestone: Tonight I will publish my 600th short story on Substack in just under 19 months. The archive alone is worth the subscription, and if more subscribers head my way I can shoot for 600 more daily short stories. E Jean Carroll and hundreds of subscribers not as famous as E Jean will tell you I'm "brilliant." (I just think I'm pretty good.)

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My baby newsletter is turning one in June and it’ll be a nice time to reflect on lessons for the years. There’s lots I’ve learned!

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I loved reading about these milestones, and it just so happens I recently wrote about my own:


Next up for me on Substack is paying more attention to these writer round ups and the community of writers. This year has taught me (again) of the importance and benefits of staying committed to a writing practice.

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Hello everyone!

So glad to see this collection of 1 year celebrations.

Congrats to those achieving this milestone.

I published my 1 year celebration recently -


It was a joy to write this poem and thank my subscribers.

Thanks for this opportunity ☺️

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Hot dang, thanks for featuring Night Water! Another great backlink. ;)

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i’m finally finding some community on my substack platform / that's a milestone / people commenting conversating and sharing their own work / very cool

also just hit 98 subscribers (almost 100) and averaging 200 page views / i’m thrilled

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My latest post is also a reflection on my first year of Substack!

I wrote about the things that changes between last Easter, when I sent out my first, very melancholy post and this Easter. I talked my year of finding happiness in both fulfillment and joy, on the difficulty and satisfaction of writing and the euphoria of attending a BTS concert! I'll link it below. Happy Monday! <3


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So much wisdom here to digest. Thank you everyone for sharing

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Scribblers unite on SubStack.com - you have nothing to loose but old 'likes':

As much as we write - ignorance abounds;

As much as we innovate - chaos continues;

As much as we protest- the powerful prevail;

As much as they control - we must contend;

As much as they avoid - we must avow!

Co-substakers ==> keep on keeping on....

* Colin Sharp

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I just published my one-year milestone post!


Thank you, Substack, for helping me fulfill my deepest purpose 🙏

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Thanks got sharing The New Fatherhood on this list! Here’s to another year, and many more lessons learned.

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I loved read about all of these milestones 🤩 it was really enriching and interesting, and recently, I published :

metalettre.substack.com !

I really enjoy write this ❣️ and thank my subscribers 😇.

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There are some valuable insights in this Roundup, thank you. If newer writers can benefit from active Substack writers and Substack Pro folk, so much the better.

* Surround yourself with great people, make it easy for them to get involved, and celebrate success together.

* Key takeaway: Do less and do better.

* Key takeaway: Teach yourself SEO.

You know what could improve Substack's SEO, an easy way to put today's date at the top of my issue. For long-term domain SEO, recency and traffic on Substack shows good progress.

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I am still waiting to hear back on video...I haven't gotten a personal response to my request, but more than me personally, I am eager for ALL substackers to have video! Can I please have an update!

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