+1 for wondering if there will be a way to add *existing* substack newsletters and podcasts as sections. I set up three different substacks when that was the only way to do it and just want to be able to make one of them the "main" and add the other two as sections.

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Interesting! One other related thing that would be great to implement is tags. If you want to keep one newsletter, but be able to link to a certain group of articles. "Here's every newsletter I've written about X in one place"

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Currently, posts under a separate newsletter still appears on the main page, which is great. But could there also be an option to switch this off?

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Hey Bailey, I am new to substack and landed on this page for adding sections.

I have multiple audiences which I want to target.

For ex:

Audience 1 should receive email 1.

Audience 2 should receive email 2.

And so on...

(An audience is a group of subscribers here)

And this has to be done on both ends, the place which has a form where people can subscribe and my dashboard where I can send emails.

Note: All audiences are paid so I need a payment page as well for all sections.

Can we get this done with Sections or is there any other way I can achieve this?

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What I'd like, and it didn't seem possible, is to be able to link to an anchor later in the newsletter, so that the reader can jump ahead to the second section if they are not interested in the first. Can this be done?

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Hi, first of all, highly appreciate the new feature! I've been in contact with Substack since December about this and it's great that it's now launched.

Some of my questions, including how to merge two Substacks, have already been asked, but I wanted to add the following:

- Are you working on adding descriptions and different logos to each section?

- Will it be possible to charge different subscription fees for different sections? Will we be able to charge for bundled subscriptions?

- I am not able to see the sections that subscribers have signed up for on the backend. I would really appreciate the option to manage section subscriptions as the owner (e.g. grant free trial only in one section, give existing subscribers access to specific sections)

Thanks in advance!

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I can't see an option to upload a logo for the new section/newsletter?

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This is great! Adding sections is a feature I didn't know I wanted, but it has really helped to organize my moviewise site: https://moviewise.substack.com

I now have nice categories to help readers find articles easier, rather than one giant list of articles:

Ready To Laugh: Humor Inspired By Movies


Movie Therapy: Watch A Movie And Feel Better Now


Guides To Life: Movies That Inspire And Leave You Wiser


Movie Lists!: Highly Recommended Films To Watch And Learn From


Thank you so much Substack!

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Please make it possible for there to be an easy way for readers to subscribe to each individual section, and for writers to then see a list of subscribers for each section. I would like to be able to publish something in a section and have a post only sent out for those who want to read such material, but that doesn't seem possible?

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Thank you Substack. Apparently as I always am asking "Are We Paying Attention Yet People" all of you champions always are answering, "Absolutely, we are". What a breathe of fresh air your interactive ingenuity is to contemporary online platforms for entrepreneurial writers. All of your work is appreciated!

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Brilliant. An absolutely timely release; I was about to start a separate newsletter for my existing one. Thank you.

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Interesting idea. May be useful to split a podcast from the main NL 🤔

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so people will have to sign up to each new section or is it a tabs option - I write poetry, fiction etc and would like a tab option so people can filter on page to their preferred genre, but I don't wish to create a new newsletter or disrupt the homepage posts

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I write about book publishing and there really are 5 phases: Writing, Publishing, Launching, Ongoing Marketing, and Distribution (Sales). Would the sections be a good way to curate those specific topics so if the subscriber is in the writing phase they get those articles, publishing those, etc. Or am I completely misunderstanding? I also have another newsletter I want to launch but it has a totally different subject and audience. But is that what you mean by sections. Still a little confused but will read through all the comments as I can to get educated. Thanks love the platform even though I am new less than 6 months in. Got my second paid subscriber today so excited to continue growing.

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Hey is there a way to merge subscribers of the two newsletters into one at a later date - once the purpose of the second newsletter is done?

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I can not tell you how excited we are to read this, we have been working on planning a network of crypto publications for over 2 years, the idea being that Cryptowriter has blockchain-specific publications EOSwriter, NFTwriter etc living underneath it. Now my question is, is it possible to aggregate the best content from the sections onto the front page of the publication?

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