Writer Office Hours 📅

Have questions about publishing, growing, or going paid on Substack?

The Substack team, and your fellow writers, are here to help! 

We’re gathering the writer community and members of the Substack team together in this discussion thread to answer writer questions for an hour. Drop your questions in the thread by leaving a comment, and we’ll do our best to share knowledge and tips.

Our team will be answering questions and sharing insights with you in the thread today from 10 a.m.–11 a.m. PST / 1 p.m.–2 p.m. EST. We encourage writers to stick around after the hour and continue the conversation together. 

Some updates and reminders from the Substack team:

  • Linked headings: When a post is published, if you hover over a heading, a link will generate and direct visitors to that specific spot within a post.

  • Substack app: We recently added customizable fonts to Substack’s article viewer. Our lead app designer, Alex, shares how we picked the typefaces.

  • Celebrating wins: Substack writers are publishing books! Valorie Clark just landed a book deal based on her Substack, Unruly Figures, and Sari Botton who writes Oldster Magazine publishes her new book on Tuesday. Tell us about a recent win and we will celebrate together in today’s thread.

Got questions about Substack or feedback about what’s new? You’re in the right place! Leave a comment in this thread.

We’ll host Office Hours again next week at the same time and place. Save it to your calendar so you don’t miss it.