One year in: Writer reflections on publication milestones

Writers are using milestones to take a look back and share what they’ve learned.

Writing consistently is no small feat, so it’s important to recognize milestones as they come. And while not everyone will have reflections from four years of writing like early Substack writer Bill Bishop, writers are using their own Substack milestones to share what they’ve learned so far, from what’s been working to what they’d like to try next.

Read on for a selection of recent one-year milestone posts from Rekt Capital, Construction Physics, Platformer, and Culture Study, plus a tale of summer hustle from The Novelleist—and join us in congratulating any writer hitting a milestone that’s meaningful to them.

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Rekt Capital, a publication that offers level-headed analysis of cryptocurrency markets, shared lessons from a year of writing in a recent special edition.

One takeaway: It’s important to find a balance between paid and free content. Rekt writes thatfree editions are the necessary baseline upon which the paid offering is built.”

Rekt Capital Newsletter
One Year of The Rekt Capital Newsletter
A year ago, I launched the Rekt Capital Newsletter. I started the newsletter because I wanted to share more long-form analysis on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies that was cutting-edge, unbiased, and level-headed. In this post, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned over the past year of writing the newsletter…
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Brian Potter of Construction Physics, a publication that delves into how the construction industry is and, more frequently, isn’t innovating, reflects on how he’s grown his publication from zero to 4,000 subscribers in his recent retrospective.

One takeaway: Growth isn’t linear. Brian didn’t start with a preexisting audience, and most of his publication’s growth has been through word-of-mouth over the last four months.

Construction Physics
Construction Physics - Year One Retrospective
This week marks one year since I started writing Construction Physics. In general I don’t consider myself a terribly interesting subject to write about, but I thought the one year mark would be a good opportunity to talk about the newsletter itself a bit…
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A year after quitting his job to start his Substack publication Platformer, Casey Newton dug deep into what he’s learned, from conversion rates for paid subscribers to the “superpower” of Discord.

One takeaway: Platformer grows when it’s publishing good journalism. “The biggest spikes in both free and paid membership over the past year came after I published the best reporting I did this year,” Casey writes.

What I learned from a year on Substack
A year ago, I quit the best job I ever had to start Platformer. Today I wanted to tell you all how it’s going, what I’ve learned, and how I hope the business will evolve in year two. My hope is that this piece offers some texture to ongoing discussions about how the creator economy and traditional journalism intersect, and proves useful both to journali…
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When Anne Helen Petersen of Culture Study quit her job to go independent about a year ago, she wasn’t sure if it would work. Her milestone reflection is full of gratitude for the reader community that’s shown they’ll subscribe “simply because they value the work.”

One takeaway: Community is key. Culture Study readers are highly engaged in weekly subscriber threads, and they’ve “made the comments section a place where you might actually want to hang out again,” she writes.

Culture Study
One Year
This is the weekend edition of Culture Study — the newsletter from Anne Helen Petersen, which you can read about here. If you like it and want more like it in your inbox, consider subscribing. A year ago I quit my job and started writing this newsletter full-time. As I…
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Before Elle Griffin began serializing her new gothic novel on her Substack The Novelleist, she set herself the challenge of a “full-send summer” spent focusing on promoting the publication using everything from paid advertisements to cross-promotions to pitches and more.

One takeaway: When it came to promoting her Substack, it was a combination of things that worked. “In the end, all of it was experimentation. Some of it didn’t work. But some did!”

The Novelleist
The one where I grow my newsletter by 1,200 subscribers in one summer
I started my newsletter in February of 2021 with the intention that I would spend the summer building up my newsletter subscribers so that I could publish my gothic novel for them in the fall. As I tried to figure out the best way to publish my novel, I studied…
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