I love the ability to be able to embed audio in our articles with the Substack infrastructure!

Will we be able to do the same with video as well?

Also is there an ETA on android chat?

Thanks for all you do!

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Ooohhh so excited about the new image gallery feature!! As a visual artist/writer, this is going to be so useful. Thanks so much Substack Team! xx

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I would LOVE to have the chat function resident on our Substack page on the web. It is hard enough for us newer writers to get people to our Substack, but then also trying to get them to a separate place on their phone? Just adds a layer of complexity. Can we get chat on our browser Substack page?

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Any internal thinking on the bestseller badges after the feedback last week?

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I'd like add Twitter to my Substack profile as we can for the other social media sites, but the only choice is to "Connect Twitter" to Substack, which I don't want to do. Can it be made possible to just add our Twitter handle like we can for the other social media sites?

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Hi team, I have a burning question :) I love the product.

My newsletter is at http://loic.substack.com I have 15k free subscribers and just launched paid subscriptions at $10 a month, it's doing well with about 50 paid already, in two weeks and growing nicely.

I surveyed my paid subscribers yesterday and 80% of them want no more than 2 emails a week. so do my free subscribers.

Here is my problem and question: I want to write MUCH more than twice a week, ideally almost every day. I would like to be able to do it on the same loic.substack.com and "segment" the readers based on their frequency requirements, I could not figure a good solution.

-if I write almost daily, I generate unsubscribes and lose many of those who want no more than two emails a week

-some of my paid and free subscribers would read a post every day from me (about 20% of all subscribers) so I am stuck not being able to "serve them" and also not satisfying my own creativity that I want to write every day

What solution do you recommend?

I have launched a second newsletter that I wrote daily on for about 2 months, http://yawa.news it gathered from scratch 2000 subscribers or so who want daily.

Problem is now I have 5 posts a week sending to them and 2 posts a week sending to the other one... so I manually added the 2000 to the main one.

I am sure many of the 2000 would pay to get daily too... so I really don't know what to do.

If I stay on two newsletters it also isn't optimal because now I have to either cross post the 2 posts a week to the daily one, or import them.... I also do a voice over podcast for each post so I also have to crosspost that... it's a lot of work.

It also forces me to launch two paid plans on two different newsletters, while what I am doing really is just the same guy writing every day the same way, lots of work that could be solved on a single newsletter.

The only solution I see is that substack builds a "what frequency do you want" for daily type newsletters and then groups all the posts into say "one a week" or "two a week" for those who only want that and sends all the posts to those who are happy with high frequency. Then no need for two newsletters.

Am I clear enough sorry I was long? It's a real problem for me.

Is there any solution you see?

Thank you, Loic

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Looking forward to the chat function being available everywhere, that might actually make the above 5 easy steps.

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I hoping I'll be able to make Chats on the App with a Poll, this is what I do on LinkedIn and it's brilliant for creating real dialogue on important trending issues in the futurism topics that I try to cover.

I must say the Badges have been morale building for me as I am finding Newsletter growth very much of a fun challenge. I'm looking forward to splendid Android app chats ahead.

If in the Image galley I could have some access to Midjourney or some Stable Diffusion prompts I'd be very grateful if it was built-in.

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Wonderful, thank you. I was bugging Hamish recently about adding section, but now I see that I can do it myself.

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These are good updates. It would be great to be able to cross-post without sending an email.

Thanks for this platform!

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This is a great break down to how the program works. Thanks for sharing!

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I am not a writer so take me off you messages

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Does anyone know how I can require a subscription (free or paid) to access archives? Ideally I'd like to offer my archives free - but require a subscription...

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As someone who is participating in Blogmas this month, the in-app posting feature will be extremely helpful!

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THANK YOU, thank you, thank you -- for letting us paywall the archives!

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Nov 25, 2022·edited Nov 25, 2022

Wonderful, many thanks. Recently, I kept pestering Hamish to add a section, but now I realise I can do it myself.


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