Shoutout Thread 📢

For the past four weeks, the Substack team has hosted Office Hour threads like this one

But today we’re trying something different: a Shoutout Thread.

We know writers want more ways to discover great writing on Substack. And we’re always looking to find fresh writing and celebrate writers that are finding a home on Substack. So this is a chance for all of us to share what we’ve been reading and inspired by recently on Substack.

Join the Shoutout Thread 📢

  1. Introduce yourself.
    What are you writing about on Substack? Include your URL!

  2. Shoutout a Substack writer you’d recommend!
    Celebrate a writer you admire. Bonus: point us to a remarkable piece of their writing we should check out first. 

Our team will be in the thread today from 9 am - 10 am PST / 12 pm - 1 pm EST in discovery and celebration mode with you all.

Next week we’ll be back with Office Hours as usual. Save it to your calendar so you don’t miss it.