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Thanks for writing on Substack,


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I'm looking forward to discovering some new accounts here today!!!

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Hi! I'm Mike, and I write about the science of curiosity and the benefits of a good, hard Wow.

If you're still feeling exhausted, frazzled, a bit frayed at the edges, and a bit confused about why you haven't got your mojo back after the last few weird, weird years, you should read Katherine May's book "Wintering: The Power Of Rest And Retreat In Difficult Times," which was a bit of a mid-pandemic sensation here in the UK (it was even serialized for BBC Radio).

But you can also subscribe to her Substack newsletter, Stray Attention - https://katherinemay.substack.com/ - to get details of her next book, which sounds really fantastic :

"Enchantment is a book about finding sanctuary in this post-everything world. It’s an exploration of the ways we can re-engage with our fascination and wonder, how we can learn to perceive the infinite in small, mundane things, and how we can reclaim the right to make meaning, even when we’re not sure what we believe. I wanted to show how we can renew a connection with the land beneath our feet and the air around us, one that is sustaining, comforting and even magical - how we can become enchanted again."

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Hi everyone! My first shout out is for my friend Bryn who writes passionately about science education, here’s her latest work: https://brynphd.substack.com/p/world-of-wonder-campfire-notebook

My second shout out is for me! I broke the 200 subscriber barrier and did a recap of my progress during my first three months in this post: https://howaboutthis.substack.com/p/how-about-this-month-3-recap

Thanks to everyone, let’s keep going!

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Hey, friends! Glad to be part of this community with you all. Substack is such a wonderful platform for writing and for developing an audience. Congrats to you all on your continued diligence in building your newsletters!

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I'm really enjoying the community on Substack. I have discovered many writers, some established and some not. I've already learned so much from the information shared on here. While most of the publications I follow are focused on the creative writing process, I've also discovered others that aren't on that subject matter that I look forward to reading every week. Some of the Substacks I am enjoying right now are Val Monroe's How Not to F*ck Up Your Face (what a title!) (https://valeriemonroe.substack.com/). She's such a great writer and so funny. I enjoy her voice and her authenticity. I also love Sara Campbell's Tiny Revolutions (https://tinyrevolutions.substack.com/). Her publication was the first Substack I discovered.

I learn a ton about creative writing from the following publications: George Saunders' Story Club (https://georgesaunders.substack.com/), Courtney Maum's Before and After the Book Deal (https://courtneymaum.substack.com/), and Erika Dreifus's "The Practicing Writer" (https://erikadreifus.substack.com/).

I am always looking to discover new Substacks. Would love recommendations from others.

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Shout-outs! I have to shout out some Substack community members who have been extremely supportive, helpful, and generous with the community forming around my newsletter:






and https://hollyrabalais.substack.com/ !

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Hi there! I'm a TV writer for The Morning Show, as well as a Yoga teacher, and I write Little Things, a newsletter and community for writers & artists seeking balance. I write about craft, creativity + wellbeing, with writing advice, creative inspiration, curated recommendations and more -- aliv.substack.com

I also LOVE love love George Saunders' substack Story Time for any fiction readers or writers, wonderful writing & advice -- https://georgesaunders.substack.com/

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Anyone raising kids or spending time with grandkids, check out Sarah Miller's https://canweread.substack.com/! She reviews children's books and has the best writing voice. You'll get all sorts of ideas for reading with your kids and raising readers.

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Hi, I write the Warthog Report, a newsletter for serialized fiction and blog posts. My current fiction project is told in the style of a script and walkthrough for a fighting game, I recently wrote up profiles for all of the 'playable' characters inspired by the kind I see in some fighting games.

My blog posts tend to be about gaming and fiction, and I'm adding a new section dedicated to me just going on about something I like and wish I had people to talk to about it.

For the main event here, I have some shoutouts. Continuing the theme with that post about Substack being for communities, Fictionistas (https://fictionistas.substack.com/) is a community for fiction writers. They have a list of fiction substacks you can request to be added to.

Metanoia (https://kerryjane.substack.com/) is a new serialized story on Substack that promises to cover a group of souls through different lifetimes and cultures, it feels rather distinctive already from the first chapter.

How About This (https://howaboutthis.substack.com/) covers a few different topics, my favorite is the creator spotlight interviews. It also talks about creativity in general and has round ups of interesting links.

Space Wizards Book Club (https://spacewizardbooks.substack.com/) has been interesting to read as a semi-casual Star Wars fan. Makes me more aware of what the franchise has to offer and decide which parts I want to and don't want to give a try.

The Case Files of Sheridan Bell (https://sheridanbell.substack.com/) is a series of serialized detective stories, the first story is coming close to its conclusion. It does a good job of having the magic feel properly magical while still being consistent enough to work with a detective story. I also like the characters.

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I’m pretty sure I discovered Michael Estrin’s Situation Normal newsletter on one of these very Shoutout threads. Michael provides genuine laughs—and a much needed respite—every Sunday. And now he added another fun, more bite-sized issue on Wednesdays. Check it out: https://michaelestrin.substack.com/

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Here are two writers whose work I've been immensely enjoying:

Great observations in life:


Comedy writing at its best:


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My shoutout goes to Tending Gardens, a newsletter about life in a small Japanese farming village where sustainability is a way of life. A young Japanese American woman offers simple snapshots and photos of her day to day life as she learns an ancient culture on a day by day, lived basis.

I love this because it is so removed from my experience and kept simple in a very Japanese way. It’s just a relaxing read, an escape. https://tendinggardens.substack.com/

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I would highly recommend the Soaring Twenties Social Club, a group of artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers who collectively put out an Omnibus of essays, short stories, art, podcasts, poetry and more every week and a themed Symposium every month.


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My favorite new newsletter is Oldster Magazine, by Sari Botton. She's tackling the experience of aging, but in a really inclusive, thought-provoking way. This isn't AARP, for sure. The whole thing is great, but I actually also wrote a guest post for her which I'm super proud of. https://oldster.substack.com/p/at-50-i-started-getting-naked-for

My newsletter is Let Your Life Speak, and it's a rambling meditation on practicing integrity as a real, imperfect human being. Like Sari, I've been thinking of soliciting guest posts from other folks, Substack writers specifically. If that's something you'd be interested in, check out the newsletter at https://ashasanaker.substack.com/, then email me at ashasanaker@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Thank you Substack - these shoutout threads have helped me discover so many great writers!

I really enjoy learning about diverse topics, it is why I started a podcast where I speak to guests from different backgrounds every week. That is why my shoutouts are so vast. I am enjoying reading Common Sense with Bari Weiss, the HiFi Bitcoin Letters, Lean Out with Tara Henley, Natural Selections and Rebel Wisdom. I also love that every newsletter is set up differently.

Substack, although you are a writing platform - all newsletters are unique.

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Hey everyone! We're setting up My Visual Substack - https://myvisual.substack.com

A place for writers to get the looks of their Substack publications to the next level. Together.

We'll be discussing all things Visual on our Substacks and helping each other match the appearance of our Substack to its content.

Join in!

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I'm enjoying Erika Dreifus's "The Practicing Writer 2.0," which lists journals looking for fiction, poetry, nonfiction. https://erikadreifus.substack.com/p/the-practicing-writer-20-august-2022

On a side note, I crossed the 250 subscriber line! I take apart stunning sentences and show writers how to make their own. https://ninaschuyler.substack.com/p/the-terrible-and-the-beautiful

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I love Hunter's substack on pop culture SO MUCH. I learn so much from just reading her! She has this incredible combination of wit and insight that is so enjoyable. I read every issue. Can't recommend her substack enough!


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Hi, I have two Substack newsletters, Constant Commoner and Writer Everlasting. I'm excited that I'm getting paid subscriptions (Thank you from the bottom of my heart!), but my posts, including comments, are open to everyone.

https://writereverlasting.substack.com/ and https://ramonagrigg.substack.com/

I'd love to see you there!

But I have recommendations, too. (I'm uncomfortable leaving anyone out, so let's just say I've picked these blind-folded out of my stack of favorites.)






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A couple I've been really enjoying recently are Caribunkle by Tom Pendergast - tompendergast.substack.com - full of witty and thoughtful observations on the world (and chapters of his book), and The Fyve Spot. by Mark Fyve - markfyve.substack.com - again, I really enjoy his interesting take on the world at large.

My latest find - just yesterday - is 'Leaves' by Sharron Bassano - sharronbassano.substack.com - a must-read if you enjoy travel writing - or even if you don't! Sharron's writing really draws me in - I feel I'm right there in the places she's sketching so beautifully with words.

I'd love to be a travel writer once I have finally worked out how not to get lost. Might take a while...

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I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the community here. After decades of talking about wanting to write, I’m finally doing it. It’s cathartic and liberating and incredibly fulfilling.

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I'd like to recommend my favorite Substack newsletter. It's full of wisdom and humor; what more could you ask for? It's "70 Years Old. WTF!" 🤣🤣🤣


I try to be humorous; it's a work in progress. But here are my attempts at wisdom and humor:


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I am pretty much in love with botharetrue.substack.com. Alex brings an amazing level of vulnerability in a hilarious package, and I’m always excited to get his newsletter in my inbox. Parenting as a series of escape rooms is my favorite so far. Laughing and crying all at once. 😂😭

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Hello! I have been loving sharing my writing on this platform. I have been releasing chapters from my upcoming memoir on here.

One of my favorite fellow writers is Sarah Blondin. I love her newsletter and insights. You can find her here: https://sarahblondin.substack.com/

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Cafe Anne (https://annekadet.substack.com/) is a great read, with stories and interviews from, around and about New York.

Rehacked News (https://rehacked.substack.com/) is a great source of news and long-reads on tech.

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My Substack "du jour" is Everything is Amazing by Mike Sowden. Being a fellow northerner from the UK, I enjoy his style of humour which really makes me crease with laughter. After reading his post entitled "Greek Shelves & Colourful Questions" I reached out to him in person and he was super approachable and kindly shared some great writing tips. I've recommended him on my page because his work just brings joy to my day. Everybody needs him in their inbox :)

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My blog on the difficulties of leaving teaching, education and musings on life;


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Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to Substack and this is my first visit to the thread. Excited to be here! I’m always looking for new publications to serve as both inspiration and entertainment. Looking forward to the sharing and reading. :)

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As the mom of a son in recovery (2 months clean), I am reading a few newsletters that are helping me understand the perspective of an alcoholic/addict. The funny thing is, what I’m reading is actually helping me just live my life in a more aware, more grateful way.

Check out Jamee’s newsletter:


And Randall’s:


And Matt’s:


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Greetings! In a fit of exuberance I started two newsletters. Eclecticism, where I write about anything and everything as I love writing, and What Now?, where I write about education. They are are terryfreedman.substack.com and terryf.Substack.com

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Shout-out time!! I missed you all last week. I'll share my personal shout-outs in a little while, but first and foremost I want to thank this whole community for being SO stellar, supportive, and amazing! Substack is a truly unique space, so shout-out to all of us! 🌿

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Shout out to three funny guys this month.

First, shout out to Michael Estrin of Situation Normal! His everyday observations on the little absurdities of life will bring a smile to your face. Also, great movie references. Killer post: https://michaelestrin.substack.com/p/i-went-to-a-strangers-home-to-buy

Second, shout out to Eli Grober of Here’s Something! His weekly satire pinpoints and subverts our current cultural malaise. Find him frequently in McSweeney’s and the New Yorker as well. Killer post: https://eligrober.substack.com/p/every-oped-must-be-carried-to-term

Finally, shout out to my dark humor and satire newsletter, Field Research by Amran Gowani, which just wrapped up month three! I try to be as funny as Michael and Eli but usually end up being much more cynical and slightly more deranged. If that’s your jam, please check me out. My most popular post in July was inspired by a real talk I had with my six-year-old daughter about algorithms: https://agowani.substack.com/p/my-daughter-and-i-had-the-talk-about

If you need some laughs – and don’t we all – I hope you’ll consider subs to all three!

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As Hamish wrote the other day, Substack is for communities. Now I’m afraid I’ve promoted his newsletter to death, but I think Thanks for Letting Me Share exemplifies this by creating a foundation for a strong sober community on Substack.


But of course, communities are more than one person. So I also have to shout out Jamee Rowe’s Macrodosing (the sugar series is great.)


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The only drawback of Substack is having too much stuff to read! But that's a good drawback to have :)

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I'd like to shoutout some of my favorite substacks:

https://olgaalexandra.substack.com/ -- Stories galore!

https://rebeccaholden.substack.com/ -- Super sweet and writes about her adventures trying not to get lost!

https://howaboutthis.substack.com/ -- Very nice guy (he's Canadian!) who will always leave you thinking!

Give them a look, they're worth it!

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Shouting out three really funny Substacks.

First up - E.R. Flynn's Escape from Clowntown. https://www.erflynncomics.com/

Second up - Extra Evil by Dennard Dayle https://extraevil.substack.com/

Third up - Field Research by Amran Gowani https://agowani.substack.com/

All three of these Substacks will bring a smile to your face!

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Hi everyone! Looking forward to discovering some new newsletters. I write a niche food newsletter about Goan cooking - yesterdayscurry.substack.com

My favourite newsletter to read is theask.substack.com by Ellen Donnelly - so useful for writing motivation, how to develop a niche, how to grow an audience etc, would definitely recommend

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You won't find a funnier plant newsletter: https://yourplantdaddy.substack.com/

One I never miss: https://patentdrop.substack.com/

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Hi All! Glad to be here - I'm really enjoying Abigail Bergstrom's newsletter "Something to Say" which offers Writing Advice + Publishing Guidance + Cultural Commentary. I especially her most recent post about "failing" at a writing retreat. So relatable. https://abigailbergstrom.substack.com/

Feel free to also check out my own newsletter "Cheers! - A weekly taste of curiosity, food, career, and life in London". Each Friday, you can expect a personal essay, a recipe, and a book recommendation! https://cheerskelley.substack.com/ Cheers to you!

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Substack writer newbie here! Looking forward to discovering new writers on this thread!

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I’m pumped to meet other writers… I have no writing friends lol. I wanna give a shout-out to oliur.substack.com awesome tech reviewer with an amazing aethetic 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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I'm Hoang, I write a food(ish) newsletter called Nourish Me. I really enjoy Ruth Stroud's newsletter because she combines food and her travels, which is always entertaining and educational! https://ruthtalksfood.substack.com/

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Some lovely letters on movies, poetry, and writing:

Celia Mattison's Deeper Into Movies: https://deeperintomovies.substack.com/

In Writing with Hattie Crisell: https://inwriting.substack.com/

Plus, my favorite poetry newsletter, Pop Poetry : https://poppoetry.substack.com/

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Want to give a shout-out to Ti0 who writes The Infinite Zero Experience, that's what brought me to Substack and more great reading! https://ti0x.substack.com is an excellent place for thought-provoking articles and videos about mental health, emotional intelligence, and consciousness development. Hope you enjoy it too!

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I have a couple of newsletters here. Strange New Worlds (https://newworlds.substack.com) is devoted to my creative writing and has original stories and poems. And I'm just launching The Indie Life (https://indielife.substack.com) which will feature publishing and marketing advice for indie authors.

Some of my favorite newsletters on here include:

Short Stories by Phillip Carter (https://realphillipcarter.substack.com)

Rogue Writer by Shari Lopatin (https://sharilopatin.substack.com)

Armchair Alien (https://armchairalien.substack.com)

The Storyletter (https://storyletter.substack.com)

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I'm enjoying the humor and art of Roman Muradov ( he likes cats too!) https://bluebed.substack.com/

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Hey everyone… I’m shouting out two fellow writers today:

Jo's Epistolary – I think Jo has created a beautiful space to get lost in…I enjoy the word visuals from - so creative and inspiring! Find it here https://jopetroni.substack.com/

Three Small Smiles - There are plenty of reasons to smile each week - reading this newsletter is one of those reasons – it’s quick and to the point…and it makes me smile! Find it here https://threesmallsmiles.substack.com/

My favorite newsletter article this month came from Dianne Jacob’s Newsletter: Why Are Many Modern Recipes a Challenge? https://diannejacob.substack.com/p/why-are-many-modern-recipes-a-challenge

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