I'm Ken, I try to look at contemporary issues through an historical lens.

I want to post a shoutout to TCINLA who writes That's Another Fine Mess.

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it's a very good column

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https//roberturbaschek.substack.com/ Belicht diverse onderwerpen ,focust op natuur,milieu en wat hem op persoonlijk vlak zoal bezig houdt.

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Hi, I'm Daphne. I write about our current financial and economic situation along with proposed solutions. I hope to create a dialogue with my readers and expand so that my solutions can reach the right audience.

I enjoy reading David Stockman's Contracorner.

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Hello! I'm Renee, and I write about compassion and how to embody this oftentimes elusive ideal without ignoring the difficulties in doing so. My newsletter includes spoken-word meditations to help touch base with the quiet inside so we can more successfully unveil our innate compassion through the lens of wisdom. I don't have a paid tier yet, so all my offerings are free right now!

I'm really enjoying Alice Griffin. Her poetry is amazing and she gives us a peak into her life living on a boat in the UK!

Also, Berkana is an awesome publication with masterful writing and highly enlightening articles that shed light on stories not often told.

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That's so sweet of you to recommend Berkana Renee. I just found this out! <3

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I am writing a newsletter applying the latest psychology research to real life. I call it Mending Fractured Relationships.

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Thanks for letting me know, as it is appreciably noted, personally independently.

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Just like hooking a Great Marlin...I am hooked on Substacks Shoutout Thread. What a great platform to share ideas, stories and writing tips...and have the opportunity to meet new birds of a feather. To introduce myself my name is Van Scott Fulton of Jomtien Beach Thailand. I write the zentraveler and will publish weekly. I am pleased to share with my readers Zen like stories and such, travel and health tips and creative posts that stimulate your mind and maybe question the status quo? I weave in a bit of humor and like to surprise the reader from time to time and welcome all comments and suggestions. Thanks Van

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Hi, I'm Constance Cameron, aka, CMary:theresistantgrandmother, as my Substack moniker reads. "Resistant" refers to my goal of resisting Trumpism and preserving democracy for my two-year-old granddaughter and my soon-to-be grandson. I believe we are truly at such an inflection point. I'm a retired teacher but have degrees in Journalism and Literature, and now have the time to pursue writing and reading without the daily responsibilities that come from earning a living. I have not yet published my first article, but look for it the week of August 5. It begins with the first of two installments on America's insurrectionists...a kind of peek into the mind of one who was part of crowds who took over the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. The second installment will come later in the week, with an overview of what's driving the anti-democracy forces in this country. The idea is, the more we know about those who would prefer to replace our democracy with either anarchy or authoritarianism, they better we can prevent them from obtaining their goals.

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Hi! I'm Julia Shaffer. I'm a therapist and really passionate about advocating for mental health. I love working with young professionals and use writing as a way to normalize, validate, and give language to the common experiences shared by so many individuals in this age group (dating, moving, advancing in your career or switching jobs, making peace with the past, dealing with guilt or shame).

I'm super into wellness Wisdom by Patricia Mou. Her recent poem really got me thinking! https://wellnesswisdom.substack.com/p/-wellness-wisdom-vol40-bit-by-bit

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Hello everyone. I am Jeff Ventura.

I recently started Pathfinding, a newsletter about culture, fitness, mindset, parenting and productivity - with some humor thrown in for good measure.

I am 52 and have wanted to write since I was 20. I used to write short fantasy/horror stories on lined paper in pencil, using cursive (remember that?). Real life kicked in, and I found myself deferring my writing for every reason under the sun.

Now, it's time to start in earnest, regardless of what life throws at me. Why? I made a promise to my 17 year old son that I would. I tell him all the time to work hard to chase his dreams, and now I should take my own damn advice. If not for me, for him.

What drew me to Substack as a platform is one of my favorite gonzo journalists and sane voices that write about the culture and political beats - Matt Taibbi. His newsletter, called TK News (https://taibbi.substack.com/), is literally my morning coffee companion. Can't recommend it enough. Matt's thinking and writing are powerful, clear and rational - something that's hard to find in this world these days.

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Hi, I am Abrar Amer

Nowadays, there's information overload of everything. I don't have any original ideas to offer. In my newsletter, I try to type down my impressions. Which I think might be useful. If you ever want to take a glance, here is the link.


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Hello, I'm Roberto and I've started my long dream of writing for the first time.

I run Away from the Flock which is a newsletter with essays on art, books, movies and most recently I added my first fiction short story 'The Blind Book'.

The Blind Book: https://awayfromtheflock.substack.com/p/the-blind-book?r=cfoky&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy

Anyways, feel free to look around. I hope to stay here on Substack and grow a community. I know it's hard but this platform has made it the easiest I've ever experienced to remove barriers to the creative flow. Cheers! (greetings from Mexico)

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Hi all,

I’m Pach and I recent started my weekly newsletter Patience Mindset—about about mindfulness, self-growth + hard-to-describe feelings. I create control to uplift people's view of self and practising self-compassion.

Host, Patience Mindset podcast.

link: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/patience-mindset/id1520496325

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Hi Pach! I write about compassion also. I explore how to embody compassion and overcome the challenges that may arise.

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Oooh, this is wonderful! Fo Fera here, a type-A melancholic introvert. My writing space is for my musings on coexistence, sustainability, and being a better human. My favorite people to read on Substack as of late are Bad at Keeping Secrets and REALM.

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What are those newsletters about? Would love to see links!

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I’m Michele, and I write an observational humor column called “Incidentally Trans.” Sometimes the funny bits are related to my trans identity and other times just comic musings.

I highly recommend “Coffee, Tea, and Adda,” by Amit Shah for its insight into the family dynamics of growing up in colonial India.

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Hi there, I'm Agnieszka and I run the "Midweek Crisis" biweekly music newsletter: https://midweekcrisis.substack.com/ 🎧🎶💌

As a humble melomaniac on a mission to share good vibes ✨ I provide songs recommendations in various forms. I make themed playlists (Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud) and share selected records with short descriptions.

I strongly recommend you to check out the Tales From The Dork Web (https://thedorkweb.substack.com/) if you like cyber, hax, privacy, and tech subculture subjects.

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Hi, I am Richard and I write at "Cornertech and Marketing". Basically discovering new startups and going into tech and marketing, I write wrapups for the month and tech-related news articles.

I actually found substack randomly and do not know anyone else who writes similar stuff to me so would love to hear suggestions!

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Hi, I am Dave and I write at "From the Ridiculous to the Sublime". Personal essays on work, fishing, skiing and other things that I do that make me feel alive. I am just getting started on Substack so I don't know my way around quite yet. I know that I see a lot here that interests me.

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Hello! I'm the editor of speakupmag.com — which is written by people facing homelessness. We pay our writers, and also provide a subscription-distributing revenue model for folks on the streets. Two articles weekly. There's nothing like it out there.

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Hi! I'm Ella and I've just immigrated from Wordpress to write Fairypage (https://fairypage.substack.com/). My existing writing is about classic camp and art cinema, Roman and Classical Chinese literature, lesbian politics, web/film aesthetics and class consciousness.

I was inspired to come over here by Glenn Greenwald et al. and currently don't subscribe to any smaller newsletters, so if you have similar interests I'd love to check yours out too!

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Hi all! I'm Tom White and I write White Noise (https://www.whitenoise.email), a weekly newsletter that contains an amalgam of fictional prose and useful, nonfictional insight derived from my indiscriminate reading, listening, conversing, thinking, and real-life experiencing.

These writings represent my attempt to make sense of the content I consume and thoughts that give me pause in today’s information deluge. The act of putting pen to paper helps elucidate the what, the why, and the how of things.

I would highly recommend Nick DeWilde's https://junglegym.substack.com/. In it, Nick explores how to build a more fulfilling career that integrates your work with your life.

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Hello all. My name is Ayush Agrawal. I am a first time author and I really don’t know howto describe my Substack since it’s been in existence for only 1-2 months. I wrote on investing, personal finance, valuation, economics and the broader markets. In my country, VIX is an index that is used to measure the volatility in markets. I have borrowed the name and named my thread Implied Volatility of my Thoughts (vixofthoughts)

I would like to give a shout-out to Srinivasan’s Substack. He gives unfiltered views on some financial topics that people don’t discuss freely.


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Hello all! I'm a little late to this thread, and extremely new to Substack, but I'm already loving it here. I write about politics in America, and more specifically about representation (or lack thereof). The slogan I felt best described my newsletter is "the home of the politically homeless" because I don't fall neatly into either partisan tribe. In fact, blindly following one side or the other like team sports actually does a disservice to your audience.

You can read my first article here- https://noclickbait.substack.com/p/the-majority-of-americans-have-no

As for a shoutout, I'd like to plug a great writer by the name of Matt Stoller. He focuses mainly on antitrust law and issues pertaining to corporate power. https://mattstoller.substack.com/

And if you're looking for an example of his work, here is a great piece breaking down in detail the current state of potential Big Tech breakups- https://mattstoller.substack.com/p/why-did-congress-just-vote-to-break

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Hi guys! i wanted to blog about my lived experience in prison, court, and on the run in central america for a few years time... i'm still in beta-launch, figuring out my exact format as i work on a speaking accompaniment, but i'm enthralled with substack, being able to podcast a version alongside my written content. Prison is a different place, i strive to take the reader there, and i encourage everyone to stand up for themselves, stand up to the system of placing humans in cages.

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Bonjour to everyone at Substack, I write from Europe, Paris principally but not solely. Serious culture and not so serious, interviews, as much politics as anyone can stand. Paid subscriptions ridiculously inexpensive, etc. Tying to get Americans interested in Europe as something other than a vacation destination. Here it is : https://continentalriffs.substack.com/

Since the Big heavies on Substack don't need a plug, I'll stick my neck out for David Gottlieb at Mad Dogs and Englishmen from New York. (The title makes no sense and I’ve urged him to change it. What can ya do.) His page is diaristic and political and takes on sacred cows, like Democratic politics and what passes for scandal in America these days. I like his pieces, and not only because he was the first person to say nice things about Riffs. He’s awkward and you never know if he’s going to embarass himself or our certainties, which is something that definitely needs to be done on a regular basis, particularly our liberal certainties, which are crumbling like sand castles before our eyes. I say this as an older radical who’s spent too much time arguing with the ‘feel good’ essentialist crowd, a set of beliefs the French call « bien pensant ». Yes, his pieces skate close to the edge - good ! Was he right about the way some candidates were treated by New York Democrats during the recent mayoral race ? Absolutely. Uncomfortable truths tend to come from uncomfortable people. So read him.

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What's up everyone, I'm Moonshine the author of Moonshinez Happy Hour. I have had a difficulty narrowing down a niche, but I will pitch this. Check out my page for some creative material targeted towards black youth empowerment, book reviews, and pop culture.

I enjoy meditation, yoga, traveling, food, and more, so stay tuned because my content will have you yearning for more.

Don't believe me? Well, how about this, have you ever been to a nightclub in Macau where you abandoned your friend, or almost had your phone swindled from you in Morocco? Stay tuned for more...

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Hi all, my name is Michael and I write about figuring shit out and decompressing. I still don't know what that really means, but I know it's something a lot of us (myself included) need to be better at. This is a public diary, written from the heart.

A newsletter I've recently been following is https://www.lennysnewsletter.com/ about growth and working with humans. There's some other stuff in there as well, but those are the two that interest me the most :)

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Hello! I'm Gayathrii~ I run a kdrama newsletter focusing specifically on One True Pairs (OTPs). Hehe if you're into kdrama, that might be of interest to you.

A new newsletter I subscribed to in the past couple of weeks, and one that I'm really liking is, https://soyabean.substack.com/ which is a newsletter about "reading, reviewing, learning and writing better." I love Joan's voice and am really looking forward to seeing what books will be featured in this newsletter :)

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I’m Melinda from Malaysia, I’m a writer and artist. HopeMail is a newsletter with essays, poems and drawings of what I’m up to, and where I derive life lessons from daily living.


I’ve stumbled upon a wonderful ink/line drawing artist, August Lamm, who I’d love to connect with. She writes August’s newsletter, and this is the first one I’ve received: https://augustlamm.substack.com/p/on-health

She has a shop, yes, like a physical shop in Brooklyn, check it out if you are around there.

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I noticed my link goes to The Porcupine Lab, my random newsletter. But, HopeMail newsletter is the one I’m investing more of my time in: https://hopemail.substack.com/

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I'll let the product team now! Sorry for this.

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Hi 🤗

I'm Kariza, and my Substack is a warm, out-of-the-blue newsletter for anyone who wants variety and depth in their inbox.

I'm digging "bookbear express" lately (http://ava.substack.com).

I hope to connect with people who are in the same niche as I am. Thanks!

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Happy Saturday, everyone!

I'm Nia, and I write Perceptive Madness — a newsletter about books, freelancing, and pop culture. My latest issue explored how teenage girl fandoms are actually why many acts become superstars, but they're often dismissed and invalidated to gain male fans (e.g. The Beatles). I also talk about how KPop group BTS gets it right by respecting and treating their fans well.


Would absolutely love to hear what you think!

I follow many Substack newsletters, and two of my current favourites are Nicola Slawson & Anna Codrea-Rado. The former explores single women and the stigmas they face, and the latter explores freelancing, working, and productivity.

Here's a great issue by Slawson that I recommend everyone read: https://thesinglesupplement.substack.com/p/getting-to-know-myself-has-been-crucial

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My name is J’Nae and I’m a freelance writer, blogger, and stylist from London.

In my newsletter ‘J’Nae Writes’ I write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and culture. In the coming months I’ll be transitioning my newsletter to be more fashion, design and style focused - with monthly fashion round-ups, Q&A’s where I solve reader fashion dilemmas, and interviews with cool people in the world of fashion and design who are doing cool things.

I’d love your feedback on my posts if you have time to read!

One newsletter I love and am constantly inspired by is Maybe Baby by Haley Nahman (former Featured Editor at Man Repeller), its the perfect mix of informative, witty, conversational, and its incredibly well written:



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Late to the party but just in case: if a book club and a writing group had a child, it would be my newsletter and community, SPARK. We tackle things that fascinate us with essays, book reviews, interviews with writers AND their dogs, and always wrap up with a moment of Zen. I've been loving Elizabeth Held's "What to read if..." newsletter, and am totally into her summer bingo reading challenge: https://whattoreadif.substack.com/p/you-think-summer-reading-bingo-should

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Hi Substack friends.

I write You Should Own Art which is an argument that, well, you should own art. Every month I collect and share ten works of art from across the Internet that are: a) great and, b) don’t cost a crazy amount. It’s super gratifying to connect artists with people that appreciate and sometimes buy their work!

As an artist myself, I have a bottomless fascination for how other artists work. In that respect Subtle Maneuvers is an invaluable resource. This post on Alison Bechdel’s process is just delicious:


Take a look!

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Hello all,

To introduce myself, a poem in the poetic form I created myself:

A teller

of stories, that is me.

Curious to learn new ways to see.

Proud dad of two. Now, what

about you?

I aim to inspire empathy through poetry and food and travel stories.

One of my favorite other writers on Substack is Lisa Bolin. I like her meandering Northern Notes, which are beautiful observations of life. They often include poems and wonderful creative inspirations. I really liked this post:


Enjoy the read!

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Olá peeps,

I recently wrote about the worst, and best recipes for tiramisù. Includes my mother-in-law's top-secret recipe and a memorable lesson on collaboration: https://blog.felicedellagatta.com/p/the-worst-and-best-recipes-for-tiramisu

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Hii wonderful souls!!

I am Yamini Sinha. I write about lifestyle, fashion , self development and yes, recently thought of writing about a specific matter. It is going to be Conversation with women from different fields.

Koffee Konversations , my newsletters

And the newsletters I have been reading recently are from Kosmic Kitchen by Sarah


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hello beautiful people!

investing is my obsession - the art, the people, the game, all of it!

i write what i think I've learned in this lifelong game at https://rftr.substack.com

check it out 🌷

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ooh, and even before he moved to Substack, I enjoyed Alex Danco's writings


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I'm Dunning Kruger from Miami, FL and I write Contemporary Idiot which is a playground/dump for my thoughts (i.e., mostly nonsense). General horseplay, current events, finance, psychology, tech, things that make me laugh, sports, politics. These are a few of my favorite things.

My current favorite Substack is Grit Capital by Genevieve Roch-Decter. Awesome financial insights and funny too!

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My name is Melanie and I write The Meli-Mello (https://themelimello.substack.com) which is about living with cancer and dealing with the daily grief but also beauty that comes with knowing you have a terminal illness - but still having to parent three girls and "live in the world" as I like to say when not everything is about cancer (thank goodness). And because I am also a writer/former journalist I also publish a chapter of a story on Wednesdays. I do this in the spirit of Dickens because I think there is something inherently fun about slow fiction (I am nothing like Dickens though) but also because my time is limited and I want to get my words out there while I still can. A writer I have long admired also started a recent substack page: https://teri.substack.com/bibliographic and I am very much looking forward to reading her words.

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Hi everyone - I am a long-time teacher who thinks deeply about the heart of teaching students at all levels, particularly in our technology saturated world.

I have been enjoying reading The Action Cookbook, by Scott Hines. http://actioncookbook.substack.com

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Hi everyone! I'm Christina

I'm a freelance journalist and former academic researching public policy and politics. I founded Embiggenless (to catch any die-hard Simpsons' fans) that provides some additional context to today's biggest political stories. I try my best to apply my research skills to help better explain everything from the Supreme Court to the role and power of the Senate. My first story examines the possible outcomes of the Roe v. Wade challenge from Mississippi set to be heard by the Supreme Court this fall [https://christinacody.substack.com/].

I'm still new to Substack and would love to connect with other writers on this platform!

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Hey! I'm Matt :)

I'm a teacher, writer, martial artist, and self-Improvement nerd. I send a daily email that shares insight for life to keep you focused on moving forward—in 1 minute or less. Topics I explore:

-- Living Well

-- Thinking Clearly

-- Understanding Love

-- Transforming Pain

2) I'd like to shout-out Dylan who is the writer for Growth Currency: https://growthcurrency.substack.com/ — He adds so much value in his newsletters. And for anyone who is looking for actionable ideas that they can use to grow—he's your guy.

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Yowza wus up? I pick stocks the information is utterly free. Psst...its works too. Im a semi retired Plumber who has dabbled in the stock market from the early 90s. I have some friends who actually take my advice and well, they make money. 💰

This is just a hobby of mine and I wanted to share my insights.

Its simple and to the point...and its free. Its all technical analysis and its not day trading its more like swing trading. (no penny stocks) I typically pick companies that at least on paper are fundamentally sound. If you have questions just ask! Im located in California.

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Hello hello, I'm Founder and Editor of: 🍿Salty Popcorn

Get the best trailers and reviews (without the spoilers) direct to your inbox every other Thursday - just in time for movie night!

Reasons you should subscribe:

🍿 It’s free! (Premium features are on the horizon)

🍿 Stay up to date with the latest news, reviews trailers, trivia and upcoming releases

🍿 Join the Salty Popcorn community of film buffs and cineasts


I'm a big fan of Smash Cut (https://smashcutreviews.substack.com/) by Karl Delossantos, who'l great a sending out snappy emails with specific recommendations that can be found on major streaming platforms... I also love his imagery.

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I also write about movies and the Life Lessons we can learn from them:


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http://learned.substack.com -- writing about linguistics and word nerdery. At the moment, we've just started a new series discussing all the words we use to talk about different kinds of writing, starting with a discussion of the word "fiction." Join us!

And, as for a recommendation, I really enjoy Sub Pub (https://subpub.substack.com) -- a newsletter all about Substack. There's an interesting discussion about whether Substack ought to have a "random" button happening now.

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Hot knife through butter, writing from the UK on local issues (incompetent politicians and science advisors), world issues (US corruption & decadence, Russian & Chinese strategies), climate change and how the Dismal Scientists are to blame for our badly polluted and damaged back yard.

It's all free and ready for you to constructively criticise. Come and have a look....

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Hi I am Neera Mahajan from Australia. My newsletter A Whimsical Writer [https://neera.substack.com/] is for writers who want to have fun with writing while learning how to publish and market their work. I am a cartoonist too and each week draw a new image to fit the theme. Check it out and leave me a comment.

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I have been writing about the future of everything - which actually starts from making better sense of what is happening all around us today, and being bold about telling the objective truth which I arrive at using AI scanning and over 250 trusted sources internationally. I admire and recommend the posts of Umair Haque [https://umairhaque.substack.com/] who combines imaginative writing with really blunt, no punches pulled, commentary about the issues that are (or will eventually) affect us all.

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