Hey there!

My name is Kajal and I am a blogger. I have been writing on WordPress since 2018. Started my newsletter here this month. I hope for a fruitful journey here :))

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Very much enjoy reading Nolan Yuma's @bornwithoutborders, especially his most recent piece "The Power of Two-Spirit People" @substackwriters

"Of course, my personal experiences influence how I construe genders. I can read all the research I want, but the societies I grew up in and the people I interact with shape constructed boundaries I hope to break."

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I recommend @Kimia Dargahi from @Ruminations to anyone looking for great writing that explores international identities.


"I meet a stranger, and they ask me my name. Oh, Kimia, such a beautiful name, where is that from? I respond, It’s Persian. The stranger offers an animated face, an eyebrow raise, a soft smirk. I know a Persian person! They’re all so hardworking! Their eyes sparkle with satisfaction. I love this one: I know a Lebanese person! They continue to remark on how Middle Eastern food is the best, and I say, Yep, Mediterranean food is excellent, not correcting anyone when they conflate two identities as one. I am, in fact, a golden girl, between identities, and they think so too."

Also, Substack team, the @mentions function doesn't work in the comments here. I can't @mention people, and I can't click on the @mentions from other people.

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I stumbled upon substack when I was looking for a non-judgmental, non-invasive platform where I could just polish my craft while interacting with my community. And here I am one year into Substack(ing) and loving every bit of it.

I write about self growth, relationships, cities & culture and everything in between. Hoping to grow with the support of tools and creative freedom provided by Substack. Not to mention the beautiful community that I have grown in a year and hope it swells further.

Meanwhile have been following and enjoying few pages which I would like to mention:

Coffee times - https://coffeetimes12.substack.com/

Rambling in the city - https://ramblinginthecity.substack.com/

The Sneaky art Post - https://sneakyart.substack.com/

Feeling my shelf - https://feelingmyshelf.substack.com/

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Love reading my sister's substack - notes from a psychiatrist's work room, she offers beautiful reflections on approaching motherhood from a queer psychiatrist's lens


I am celebrating my 1-year posting on substack today - sharing answers to readers' sex ed questions!



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I was disgusted in recent years to find out my DNA was totally unfrench!

But if you could measure frenchiness by passion, I'd ace it.

I'm a travel writer who writes for The Independent, the iPaper, National Geographic and Rough Guides, but I love the freedom of my Cartes Postales on Substack.

I let myself write about any old conneries as long as there's a french link.

Check it out at https://cartespostales.substack.com/ and share with others 🙏🇫🇷❤️

My recs are Hattie Crisell's InWriting, Tor Freeman's ReposiTORy and Sian Clifford's newsletter

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The KANG OF WERDS aka KANG OF NOTES is on Substack as @duvayknox entertaining errbody with flash fiction, comedic commentary on all subjects AND his page features the weekly anticipated PIMPFUCIUS SPEEKS


Of course you can follow us as well at Black Pulp Fiction Publishing House where we brang da rude, raw n unadulterated content in POSTS AND NOTES.

-Tabitha Blair-

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Hi everyone!

I love writing my substack newsletter about how to stay optimistic despite being chronical ill called „Chronical Optimistic“.

With my newsletter I hope to be of service for anyone with a chronic illness, as I have me/cfs, celiac disease, asthma abd hashimoto myself and simple refuse to let myself be depressed about it.


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Shoutout to @sophielucidojohnson @goodenoughjob who’s most recent insightful newsletter prompted me to think about transitions in a deep way and the need to slow down in my comics making process. This is especially helpful since I just launched a substack of comics and I was thinking about the emotional part of “being in the process” of making and creating 🎨 Read “You are doing a good enough job”--Sophie says things we all need to hear

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D.A~Got Thoughts 💭


"Say no to drugs" - that's the mantra that was ingrained in our upbringing. You see, such copybook maxims sound simple yet the reality often proves far more complex (it's easier said than done).

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For folks seeking what could be considered "sober bloggers," there are 77 of us (and counting) over on SoberStack: https://danaleighlyons.substack.com/p/sober-substack-addiction-recovery-sobriety

We're a diverse lot, reflecting all sorts of paths to addiction recovery and sobriety as well as all sorts of backgrounds, age groups, and areas of focus. (And if you have a Substack focused on addiction recovery and sobriety that I missed, please let me know! I update with new additions every couple of weeks.)

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Love these pages!

Bird's Nest - https://arlipagaduan.substack.com/

From the Dining Table - https://dominiquesulatra.substack.com/

Made for Love - https://anatejano.substack.com/

And here's mine too!

OK to BE - https://heykebe.substack.com

I post experiences, insights, and musings about reading, writing, and creating~

Hello, everyone!

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Big shoutout to @seymourhersh for cooking interesting commentary as always.

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Shoutout to the other runner-writers I follow. There's so much good running-related content—not just the "how to" but also the why and the culture—here on Substack.

I fit into this niche by focusing on mountain/trail/ultra and midlife. For an intro to my newsletter, check out last week's 2-year milestone post: https://sarahrunning.substack.com/p/what-makes-ultrarunning-friendships

These are the running newsletters I also recommend:

Raziq Rauf's Running Sucks https://www.runningsucks101.com/

Scott Kummer's The Crux https://scottkummer.substack.com/

Matt Walsh's Trail Mix https://wearetrailmix.substack.com/

Julie Hughes' Run to Write https://juliebhughes.substack.com/

Terrell Johnson's Half Marathoner https://www.thehalfmarathoner.com/

Adam Lee's Community Trail Running https://communitytrailrunning.substack.com/

Sam Robinson's Breakfast Club https://bfastclub.substack.com/

Jill Homer's Adventure Unpacked https://jilloutside.substack.com/


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Shameless self promotion!! Life on a small wool farm, fiber arts, cute sheep pictures, and learning to live with grief. Love to have you all stop by for a cup of coffee or a glass of home made mead


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