I think that Substack might want to consider the centuries-old tradition of holding a physical book in one’s hands & having a personal library. You have solved one part of the current publishing situation, but wouldn’t it be nice to also have the means to have stories, essays, and books in print format?

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These are brilliant. It's fascinating to hear about other people's work. Keep them coming.

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But you've taken the cost of reading a book up to $50! Or worse, $120. That's where I start scratching my head. I have a novel in the near-querying phase, too, I'm also overhauling my entire presence to "My Name - Author." I'm also starting at zero when it comes to my list, but mercy me, I'm doing so many different setups at once, it's as hard as writing/revising the book. I can understand this as a way to make a good haul in one season, and I applaud your success, I'd really like to see more evidence about the $120 v $50 bit for a novel, one they admittedly may never see on a lessening shelf at B&N, granted. Maybe I missed something above. I'm not trying to cause a fuss and disagree, just seeking to better understand. --Donny

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This was a great workshop, kudos to Elle and the Substack team for organising. I was pleased to be featured in the section about sections 😊

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Love Elle and her writing, so happy to see her spotlighted on Substack :)

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I've been blogging and self-publishing non-fiction online for about 20 years through different platforms but I'm just now working on my first fiction novel, so take all of this with a grain of salt!

Depending upon your genre, there could be lots of "bonus" things you could offer to your paid subscribers that could be fun to create and fun for them to read. For example, I'm writing a sci-fi novel set on Earth in the distant future (though that's not exactly clear at first) and I have ideas for several novels in this setting. So I've created an entire world, extensive back story/history/evolution, "awakened abilities," basic religion, maps, main character histories, etc. Off the top of my head, I could offer subscriber bonus content such as:

* Character profiles and/or histories

* Awakened abilities - descriptions, known limitations, categories, status, etc.

* Short stories about main characters

* Short stories about interesting supporting characters

* History of places (Strongholds, the Five-City Alliance, etc)

* Alternate perspectives - take an important or exciting scene and rewrite it from a different character's point of view

* Codex writings - "excerpts" from their religious text

* Journal entries from a minor character

With my novel and its "world," I would also like to do a podcast - maybe biweekly - that's a traveling bard telling tales to audiences. The tales could be fun, embellished, and wouldn't need to fit exactly with the details in the novel because, well, it's just a bard who's entertaining an audience!

Obviously, all of this takes time and would need to be appropriate for the audience, but it could be lots of fun. In the right genres, it could also provide details of your "world" for folks who might be interested in writing "fan fiction." Heck, you could even encourage fan fiction and offer subscribers the opportunity to publish the best fan fiction on your Substack.

Anyway, good luck Elle and thanks for everything you're doing!

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Thank you. Most important stuff. Wish you all the success and monetary funds from it. Break a Leg! (so to speak).

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Hi Elle. Love your efforts here. You have helped enforce my "gut" decision to write, illustrate and narrate on Substack more than worthy of my time. Would love to connect with yourself and any other newer writers to combine forces, etc. Thanks!

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Hi all, just launched my free fiction newsletter, short stories published bi-weekly! Welcome any and all engagement, would love to get to know some of you fiction writers too. I got a designer on board with my project and built a nice brand, but I'm just focused on getting the stories up and out there at the moment :)

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Love the tips! Fantastic for all kinds of substack writers!

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I have read carefully what Elle writes on serializing fictional novel

Elle is very clear and helpful in this sense, I hope my comments on the Melting will be appreciated, and what I am just writing , then published in newsletters will be felt as experience of many women s lives, or simply a true STORY where everyone can identify in a way or another..

let s see..I 'm writing now ...........

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