tying my wagon to Substack's rising star

essentially betting my career on it being the future of media


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Once again, I am deeply grateful to the Substack team for your continued commitment to growth.

I have Recommendations to thank for 10K new readers (nearly half of my 22.4k list).

I have a few feature requests I am hoping you will consider:

1) Recommendations listed on your homepage: Can you please add the ability to select which five recommendations are featured on our homepage? I currently have the homepage display disabled because I cannot control who is listed, and I would want to prioritize my top five.

2) Recommendations blurbs: Since we can only display three on our landing page, it would be awesome if Substack would create a separate Endorsements page where people can see all of your blurb recommendations (with the ability to uncheck any you don’t wish to be visible). This would not only encourage new readers to sign up but would also bring new potential readers to those providing the blurbs via the links in their citations.

3) Unrelated to growth, but PLEASE add the ability to embed videos from non-YouTube platforms such as Rumble, Odysee, and bitchute.

Thank you for everything you are doing on behalf of writers and readers!

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Lenny's right; recommendations are an absolute game-changer. Doubly so, since they're user-driven instead of by an algorithm.

I'm curious to hear more about the "growth engine" currently in development!

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I love it when a kind, smart, energetic bunch of brilliant humans (i.e. SUBSTACK) has my back!!!

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Yeah! Recommendations work great, despite they require that the fellow authors focus on growth too. In short, it is a teamwork exercise, which works best in partnership.

Recently, I got two recommendations from 2 great authors I love! 🥳

Devaraj Sandberg (writes on bodywork to handle tough emotions) and Gary Sharpe (healing, trauma and the nervous system).

They work wonderfully.

And I have written a short article to celebrate this (with some recommendations on how to get recommendations ;)

In short, "Just ask"!


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I aim to keep my substack always free for all… am I doing this wrong?

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Thanks for all your do. Just a few things on my wish list.

1) Top thing continues to be better SEO. Awareness isn't quite there, even with custom domain. ... And in my Google Core Vitals, every page is listed as Needs Improvement due to LCP > 2.5s.

2) I always edit the post URL — would like for it to either be longer and/or tell us in real-time how many characters we're at

3) Ability to make Offer for X months, such as 50% off for three months. And like someone else wrote, $1 for first month, etc. I've seen where many of my free trials have signed up, read a story, then unsubscribed.

4) Ability to customize Subject Line in email so it's not the same as the headline, thus repetitive when the email is opened.

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Well done Substack! Excellent pat on the back I just read.

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Awesome work folks. We've benefitted from this. ARR is up 100% since we took part in Substack Grow in June. Thanks again!

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David and Team, thank you so much for this update. Anything and everything you can do to help get engaged readers to convert is essential work!

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The Substack team has done a great job helping Coffee Times to drive up subscribers nos and I am deeply appreciative. My publication has gone from unknown to thousands of subscribers in a short time. Keep up the good work guys.

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I write about leadership issues. I am building a library on subjects like team building, communication, motivation etc. I think it would help my readers if they could access past articles easily. Might it be possible to organize a library under categories like those just mentioned?

I very much like your business model and what you are doing.

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It would be great if a cross-post showed up in the cross-poster's feed.

As it stands, it seems that when someone cross-posts one of my posts (as Chris Ryan recently did for my interview with him → https://decidenothing.substack.com/p/e13-coming-out-and-letting-go-with it goes to their subscribers, but doesn't show up on the feed of posts on their own Substack page... I realize this is as designed, just saying, here's an upvote for somehow including cross-posts as web posts and in the Substack app.

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thanks for this and for all the work you're doing to help writers like me get going on Substack. Recommendations, Mentions, and Cross-posting have all helped and been useful so far. Looking to do more of this in the new year. I'll also be posting material from my book in progress—it will be interesting to see how my audience responds to that.

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Recommendations has been a huge help, thank you Substack!

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Really like writing on Substack and the continuous improvements you guys are throwing at us. Big fan since the day I started my newsletter.

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