> "I learned that being there in the moment when someone needs help can change a person’s trajectory and their overall health outcomes."

This makes so much sense to me! ...and yet I can see that systems might not designed to automatically provide "extra space" to focus on that person at that moment - nor would it necessarily be "on the radar" for any given person who sees them.

> "Dr. Chibanda found that when people (grandmothers, in particular) were taught a structured approach to identifying problems and finding workable solutions, public health outcomes improved."

That is exciting! Also, I love that in that context, they found training grandmothers, specifically, to be a game-changer. I sometimes observe contexts where grandmothers are tremendous sources of strength for their families!!

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If you add Yoga as a solution of mental health may be better.

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I look forward to your column, I am an Szazz fan and a Freudian.

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