Write with us on Wednesdays

Silent writing hour is every Wednesday at 10am PT (GMT-8)

Looking to write with others? We’re now hosting a weekly silent writing hour to help you get in the creative flow and build a regular practice alongside other writers on Substack.

The concept is simple: we’ll play some chill instrumental music, set a timer for an hour, then send you off to work on whatever writing you need to get done. Camera on or off is up to you. After an hour, you can move on to whatever else you need to get done or hang out a bit longer to meet other writers in small groups.

Silent writing hours will take place every Wednesday from 10-11:30am PT (GMT-8). The next one is tomorrow, and you can sign up for all remaining writing hours of the year here. We look forward to seeing you there!


Prefer a different day or time? Let us know what you’d love to see in the comments! We’ll be adding more virtual writer gatherings to our events page in the coming weeks.