do you guys know if Substack collects sales tax or is the writer in charge of collecting and filing sales tax returns?

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As usual:

< rant / >

Being so FKKN AmeroCENTRIC!










< / end of rant >


R U Here for just *US* Citizens Defecting the Tech Bro Megalomaniac Empires (u know who I talk about), or R U here 4 THE WORLD?

Localization is mastr'd by Wikipedia Foundation.

How come ALL MonniesFlows from OTHER domains of cash-is-king DisUnited States of The Americas are EXCLUDED in your sharing of pro tripz and tix?

I feel strong hope Substack being one of the core transitional flows towards an open, just, and rights-based world, where People and Planet Nurtures A Responsible and Responsive Economy, in Harmony in The Long Term. A k a Sustainability!

So – tell me;

When will that Cultural Shift include ALL, ALL THE WAY?

Keep up the strong work!

Peace & Love,

A Fanboy From Norrköping, Sweden, European Union, #ThisWorld, Universe*


*soon knowing if there is more than one (1) if James Webb can tell us from #TheOtherWorld ... soon! Or was it the Telescope carrying his name? Who knowz ;) - rgrds from a MultiVersian Citizen who actually talks Swedish! Haha!

// @relovetheworld ~ relovetheworld.nu

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I wish you guys were able to collect and remit state sales tax...

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Do Substack writers have to pay state income taxes in California (where Substack is located), or in their state of residence?

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I wonder what is the taxation of winning at a bookmaker https://www.kapper-obzor.ru/ ?

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