About Substack

We started Substack because we believe that what you read is important and that good writing is valuable. Our mission: make it simple to start a publication that makes money from subscriptions.

We are currently building the first version of our product: a web and newsletter publishing tool purpose-built for paid subscriptions. Substack is in private beta.

The first publication to use Substack is our own: On Substack. That’s what you’re reading. Here, we’ll publish stories and commentary about the new media world and share our thoughts about the problems and opportunities inherent in a changing time for journalism.

Read more about our plans in our first post: A Better Future for News.

Follow us on Twitter: @Substacked.

Our team

We are Chris Best and Hamish McKenzie.

Chris is a software developer and product builder. He was the co-founder and chief technology officer of Kik, the company behind the popular messaging app of the same name.

Hamish is a writer who has been a tech reporter, a freelance journalist, and the lead writer for Tesla. He is the author of an upcoming book about electric cars.

If you're interested in joining our beta, or talking about the future of journalism, contact us at hello@substack.com.