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I'd like to shoutout three writers who celebrated writing one year on Substack this week.

Sari Botton writes Older Magazine, exploring what it means to travel through time in a human body, at every phase of life: https://oldster.substack.com/p/this-is-1

Matt who shares a new original instrumental song every month on his Substack, Fog Chaser: https://fogchaser.substack.com/p/celebrating-one-year

Jack McNulty who writes VeganWeekly which is inspiring people every week to cook healthy vegan food: https://myfreshattitude.substack.com/p/happy-anniversary-veganweekly

Did anyone else celebrate a Substack anniversary this past month? Or want to shoutout another writer who did?

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So many shoutouts today, it's hard to keep up! Thanks for generously sharing and shining the spotlight on your fellow writers.

Congrats to all who celebrated milestones this month. We look forward to celebrating more in the coming weeks.

We'll be back next week for Office Hours. Hope to see you then: https://lu.ma/office-hours

Keep going,

Katie + The Substack Team

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HIGHLY recommend the Soaring Twenties Social Club! It's a collective of writers in many different genres and topics. They put out a weekly best-of newsletter and a monthly symposium on a given topic. This is the most recent Monthly Symposium, on the topic of "Home": https://soaringtwenties.substack.com/p/on-home

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Happy September, Substackers!! My personal shout outs are floating around in another post but I want to thank the whole Substack community for being the most supportive, encouraging, and creative! This place truly is unique, and I am so grateful. And here's a little bonus encouragement, while we're at it: if you're still fighting through the doubts, the worries, the fatique, and the apathy to write and post and share your thoughts with the world, then shout out to YOU! Someone out there needs to read what you've written, so keep writing and never ever give up! 🌿

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I am a big fan of Culture Study by Anne Helen Peterson. She hosts thoughtful and supportive conversations about issues of the day - not just the politics of them, but the impact they have on people. I am one of her paid subscribers. Take a look here. https://annehelen.substack.com?r=wm2m&utm_medium=ios

This week, there is a fascinating conversation going on about wealth, and how wealth opens the door to opportunity. I am taking part in a thread about immigrants and how communities help their members.

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I just want to once again sing the praises of Substack and highlight how SPECIAL this community is with some recent examples from my experience. First, another Substack writer, Michael Wolf of "70 Years Old. WTF!" wrote an article inspired by my newsletter, “moviewise: Life Lessons From Movies”:

"Mike's life:" a moviewise-style series review


How AMAZING is that! Next, another Substack writer, Mary Tabor of “Only Connect…” wrote a Guest Post in my newsletter about meeting and being mentored by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, one of the subjects in a documentary I reviewed, “Happy."

The Secrets Of Happiness


Again, WOW! Without Substack we probably would never have found out about each other, read each other’s work, or collaborated. What a treasure Substack is! How wonderful is it that Substack has created a space where writers with various backgrounds and interests can meet, interact with one another, inspire one another, and pursue a life of writing? It’s simply INCREDIBLE! So, THANK YOU Substack for allowing all this magic to happen 🤗. This is a very special place.

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Substack you rock! I had King's College London reach out to me because of my Substack and let me do a guest post on their mental health blog associated with them. Everyone keep writing and you never know where it will take you! You can subscribe to my substack that delivers weekly motivation and wisdom. https://youtopianjourney.substack.com/

My personal favorite Substack is the Diff for all you business people out there, you will dig it. https://www.thediff.co/

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I highlight 5 different Substacks each month. This month the focus is Venice!

A Dash of Prosecco

Sinù shares recipes from the Venetian mainland. Her newsletter gives wonderful context to the very specific ingredients of the region.


Terrazza San Zaccaria

I hope to have my own tiny terrace to grow a few boxes of herbs in Venice soon. This newsletter about a vast (by Venetian standards) garden is my inspiration. Each post has lush images and captivating Venetian history.


Venetian Supper Club

I have learned so many things about Venice from Anna Gilchrist and Lisa Hilton. Like a brand new shop filled with Iranian treasures and about a shocking practice to keep mosquitoes at bay.


I Love Italian Movies

Get ready for the Venice Film Festival with this post.



Yolo’s Venice guide shares many of my beloved places


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Hi, all! One thing I’ve learned over the years (I'm 110) is that charlatans prey on writers. That’s why it’s super-important to get your guidance from a genuine teacher with integrity, and Alison Acheson is the Real Deal.

A successful (and working) published author in fields ranging from YA to literary fiction to autobiography, Alison is also an accomplished creative writing professor. She genuinely cares about writers and writing. And she lets us into her head, to show us how one superb writer thinks.

Check out this recent post: https://unschoolforwriters.substack.com/p/negative-capability and sign up for Alison’s Substack, Unschool for Writers: https://unschoolforwriters.substack.com/

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One more quick shoutout to all the new people who have started newsletters on Substack in the past few weeks and months! Starting is the hardest part, IMO, but if you keep writing, you'll find your audience and community. Keep going!

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Hi everyone!

I'm going to shout out a couple of newsletters I really love.

First up, I wanna give a big shout out to Fictionistas, which is a community for fiction writers here on Substack. If you write fiction, it's a great community resource and a great way to connect with other writers.


Speaking of writing resources, I need to shout out Spark by Elizabeth Marro. Spark is a fusion of book club and a writing group. I always learn something when I read Spark.


Next, I've gotta shout out Cafe Anne. I adore this newsletter because Anne does such a great job of writing about people with humor and heart.


Speaking of humor, I want to call your attention to Field Research by Amran Gowani. There's lots of funny stuff in this newsletter, some fiction, some nonfiction.


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what's up fam. I am loving so many substacks lately here are some:

https://thematriarchy.substack.com/ - thoughtful personal incredible essays about being a woman, having a body that can make a baby, and all that it all entails

https://myqkaplan.substack.com/ - goofs! Myq is the best duh

https://annekadet.substack.com/ - the funniest person on substack in my HUMBLE opinion

https://janeratcliffe.substack.com/ - great interviews with super cool creative people. jane is the coolet

https://kadilakwrites.substack.com/ - Nicci is so good and honest and funny and i mean the latest essay title sorta says it all "I I Accidentally Got Drunk at the Doctor's Office"

https://myfreshattitude.substack.com/ - Jack makes being vegan cool and sexy and frankly yum

https://aliv.substack.com/ - a hollywood screenwriter who is so kind and giving with advice and vibes and just seems like an all around great person

I have a lot more but this is good for now!!

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My two recommendations for this month are Campfire Notes brynphd.substack.com) and Brain Pizza (brainpizza.substack.com). Bryn writes about science education while Shane writes about writing and the creative process. Great stuff!

Also (minor self-promo) How About This (howaboutthis.substack.com) has hit 368 subscribers after 4 months, very pleased to report this, thanks everyone!

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I'd like to thank Substack for making such an incredible interface and for adding recommendations. After listening to Chris Best talk about the logic behind that design, I'm so excited to fully utilize that feature, rather than pesky impersonal algorithms.

This week I'd like to shoutout the Vancouver Tech Journal. You may say "I don't live near Vancouver BC, so it doesn't apply" but the writing is really just about brilliant entrepreneurs pouring themselves into an idea.

Also, I will shamelessly plug my Substack, where I highlight great people from all backgrounds. Animal welfare advocates, lawyers, criminologists, business owners, and philosophers.

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Shoutout to Extra Evil by Dennard Dayle! His newsletter features brilliant, sharp satire of the highest caliber. Every word is scorched earth. Killer post: https://extraevil.substack.com/p/exclusive-evil-sorry-for-all-that

And one *final* shameless, self-promotional shout out to my dark comedy/satirical newsletter, Field Research. I just finished month four and am loving the Substack experience. My most popular post in August was about a funny anecdote, concerning an important topic, which took place at a writer’s workshop. Check it out here: https://agowani.substack.com/p/one-sided-conversations-with-unmedicated

I’ve got a satirical piece about Big Ten college football coming out tomorrow at 9:30AM CT, and this Sunday is my birthday, where I’m planning a really thoughtful, somewhat humorous, mostly sincere, post. I’d love for anyone interested to check them out.

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Shoutout to all the new writers taking the brave step to let their inner voices speak. It’s difficult to put yourself out there, cultivate community, and be vulnerable with your writing, but you’re doing it! Each newsletter is a step forward and if you focus on that, you’ll look back to see how far you’ve come.

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Hi there! I'm a TV writer who started a newsletter on creativity & wellbeing a few months ago. I'm absolutely loving the Substack community and how many amazing creators I've found on here.

Really enjoying Outsourced Optimism -- outsourcedoptimism.substack.com by Tami Carey. I find her writing so thoughtful.

Bad At Keeping Secrets is another fav for emotionally nuanced writing that was featured by Substack this week! https://peopleiveloved.substack.com

And afterschool.substack.com always makes me feel younger and cooler :) afterschool.substack.com

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Apparently a lot of people are enjoying my work since I just hit 100 subscribers.

I haven’t subscribed to much new stuff recently but some of my already established subscriptions are starting new stuff. Bridget Phetapsy’s new podcast is interesting as well as Sensible Medicine.

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I am loving Sandra Merk‘s journal of her sabbatical from outside Toronto to Berlin this fall, entitled Berlin for a Season. She elegantly captures the wonderful oddness of the first months living away from one’s home country. Highly recommended, with all these qualities present in her most recent post:


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Hey everyone! Love this idea, thanks Substack for creating it.

I'm Mike from ToolsForCrypto, we post 4 tools a day in the Web3 space that are useful to investors, traders, and builders. A quick way for crypto/web3 enthusiasts to get updates. As well as anyone new to the space, to dip their toes in!


There are many tools coming out, and it can be hard to navigate the space, to know what's useful and not useful.

A substack that i'd recommend is: languagetech.substack.com, its a great newsletter on NLP for both beginners and experts!

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My name is A.M. Radio, I run a Substack I call A.M. Productions, and I’d like to shout out a Substack called Metanoia.

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Total new here haven’t read much haven’t written much. Thanks for all your recommendations! I write in Chinese and I’m curious how big the Chinese language community is. Hope to see more writings in Chinese here. 希望认识更多中文写作者。:)

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Hi all, my name is Davina and I have a substack called Writersphere where I give guidance into traditional publishing as well as sharing tips and tricks of the trade. A susbtack I love is Weirdy Wordy (https://weirdywordy.substack.com/)

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Another week has gone by and my gratitude for this platform and the community continues to grow! I have been a writer my entire life, but it wasn’t until I found you all here that I realized the freedom being offered to me. Content-wise, I write about creativity, about not dying with the music still in you, about how we’re all gifted but some of us never open our package. I’ve offered a paid subscription from day one and never looked back. Thank you so much! 

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I would like to shout out Jolene from Time Travel Kitchen, not just for her fun and beautifully written publication but for being a gem of a human! Jolene has been incredibly generous in freely giving her time, endorsements, and mentorship to a random internet person, AKA me! https://timetravelkitchen.substack.com/

I would also like to shout out Lisa of Beloved Gateway for creating a gorgeous space to talk about loss, spirituality, grief, and all the messy things that make us human. ❤️ https://lisamarieco9.substack.com/

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My shout out is to Everything is Amazing by Mike Sowden

He's a writer's writer, a curiosity soul's spark of curiosity, a spinner of tales and translator of science. Most of all he's fresh! Fresh thinking. Fresh words. Like having coffee with a very smart friend.

Comment from his newsletter: “Even if you already consider yourself a curious, well-rounded person, Mike Sowden will make you feel like you've been looking at the world through a fogged up windshield."

Latest post: A Hundred Million Ways to See


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I am enjoying listeningsessions.substack.com, in which Robert Gilbert’s omnivorous taste and deep analysis offers new ways to listen to music. Some I know well, but learn more. But his recent essay on the gifts of vocalist Nancy Wilson gave me an entry to an artist I had never thought much about before.l

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Mixing it up a little this week with some of my favorite non-music Substacks:


Grace on Football: https://onfootball.substack.com


Aerology: https://aerology.substack.com

Life as it happens:

Release & Gather: https://hollyrabalais.substack.com

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I’m always looking out for new posts by Pablo at 401 Que? He does a great job at financial education through personal stories. Here’s one of my favorite posts of his.


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Silly me. I thought the only Substacks were about food, eating, drinking, gardening vegetables, cooking, etc. My eyes, gratefully, have been opened . . . . I do really like Vicki Smith's "Easel to Table," easeltotable.substack.com, Jeannine's "Life if the Slow Lane," jeannine85f.substack.com; and, of course, Ruth Reichl's "La Briffe," ruthreichl.substack.com.

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I absolutely adore Café Anne. Her ability to weave a compelling story out of seemingly simple topics, always delights and surprises me


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One Substack I have been loving is Brazenface: https://brazenface.substack.com/, a journal of courage and living life in the moment. Great illustrations by its author, Tatiana Gallardo, and great writing too. Certainly motivates me as I keep on pushing writing about music (recently hit over 300 subscribers!).

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I'd like to shout out Diane Hatz, as a friend and fellow writer, I learn so much from watching her process to indie publish. Her book will be published this month! https://dianehatz.substack.com/

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Love this idea. I haven't written on my own Substack for a while but reading lots. Shout out to https://simpleandstraightforward.substack.com for much needed content on living a slow, simple, sustainable life

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simply.. the best!


also, I just finished my first bit of work here on the platform. had a good opening response. looking to get more creative this year and shift over to some fiction (pieces I've done thus far are non-fiction). thanks!

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What a great opportunity Substack has provided for all of us to share who we are with the world, without the free speech censoring that has pervaded so much in our country. My hope and trust is that Substack continues to set the standard for freedom of creativity and expression! Thanks so much!

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I haven’t been on Substack long but I find the variety of ideas here refreshing.

I like to read bad cattitude: https://boriquagato.substack.com/ David Lebovitz: https://davidlebovitz.substack.com/ and Oldster Magazine: https://oldster.substack.com/

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Hi, I'm Niels and I'm the author of Venture Whisper https://www.venturewhisper.com

I try to help software engineers and their leaders with the creation of valuable digital solutions, making better digital investments, and creating an efficient organization. I actually try to bridge the gap between software engineering and the business.

I'm very interested in getting to know other authors that are writing about related topics.

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Loving Rocco Pendola's "Never "Retire" Substack which talks about turning retirement on its head


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I love Carrot Cake by Tom Sullivan. What look like words on a page are really x-rays of his heart and soul. The brutal raw honesty, the saying of things that people (often think but) don't say...this one particular post, well...I'm not crying, you're crying. https://carrotcake.substack.com/p/keegan-joe

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Shout out to Sarb Johal who write Noise Reduction @ https://noisereduction.substack.com/

We appreciate the guest post he wrote for the latest edition of the IF Insider about his "frenemy" relationship with intermittent fasting.

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I'd like to give a shout-out to a new blog, From My Heart to Yours. It's a Catholic blog about healing from trauma and finding Christ's peace. I've been finding it beautiful and inspirational!


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Hello everyone!

I am pretty new here, this might be my second week, ha!

Easing out of my comfort zone here and I write short pieces about my writing process, writers I admire, prompts and sometimes thrift finds, because, "Why not?"

Right now, I'm enjoying Kathy Fish and the Art of Flash Fiction: https://artofflashfiction.substack.com/

Suleika Jaouad and The Isolation Journals: https://theisolationjournals.substack.com/

But so excited to find new people to follow, thank you!

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I don’t even know where to start. I have met so many fine and passionate writers, and an awesome community here. 

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What's up everyone. My name is Eric. I love these shoutouts! Great way to find other writers here. I want to give a shoutout to Doomberg. He is a genius in all things energy. He is insightful in guiding us through the future and investments for energy. https://doomberg.substack.com/

I also really like MY writings, lol. I write about personal finance and all things money and investments. It's called The Tobin Report.

It's an all things MONEY newsletter!


I'd love any feedback.

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HI all!

I'm loving all these recs. I really enjoy reading The Humanity by Eric Turner. He writes calming, insightful, and fun to read Friday Thoughts by The Fire. https://eturner.substack.com/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email.

I had a small milestone this week, not a birthday, but getting over 100 subscribers with Morning After Thoughts! https://jessicabsokol.substack.com/. Thanks Substack and to this inspiring community.

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I’ve been reading the contender but David Coggins. It’s a lovely and short series of down to earth posts. I particularly love the one linked below, it’s a beautifully written list of suggested books. His style also made me realize that I need to be bit more concise in my own writing.


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Shout out to Blake Bobechko from State of Wonder. He's a new author of a classic children's novel, Frog of Arcadia, written in the same vein as Narnia, Redwall, The Wind and the Willows, and The Hobbit. He writes wonderful light hearted content. Here's a thoughtful commentary he wrote just recently about scholars over-extending their hand when it comes to history:


And here's a free excerpt from his new book Frog of Arcadia posted here on Substack:


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