Shoutout Thread 📢

This week we are taking a break from Office Hours as usual for our monthly Shoutout Thread.

We host Shoutout Threads because know writers want more ways to discover great writing on Substack. And we’re always looking to celebrate writers who are finding a home on Substack. This thread is a chance for all of us to share what we’ve been reading and inspired by recently.

How to join the Shoutout Thread 📢

  1. Introduce yourself.
    Tell us what you write about on Substack. No need to include your URL. When you hover over a writer’s name, you’ll see a new profile preview that includes both a link to their publication, and a list of the Substacks they are reading.

  2. Shoutout a Substack writer you recommend reading.
    Tell us the URL of a writer you admire and why. Bonus: point us to a remarkable piece of their writing we should check out first. 

Our team will be in the thread today from 9 am - 10 am PDT / 12 pm - 1 pm EDT in discovery and celebration mode with you all.

Next week we’ll be back with Office Hours as usual. Save it to your calendar so you don’t miss it.

We'll start! We're always excited to see when writers shoutout other writers in their own Substacks. Alicia Kennedy writes a weekly publication on issues in food, from politics and climate change to culture and labor. Recently she shared 18 food and beverage newsletters she always opens.

From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy
On Other Newsletters
I am a big believer in the idea that one must read more than they write, and that includes other writers working in the newsletter form that has been having a boom moment this year. Of course, I read Vittles, which is often compelling even though I have never been to London and don’t understand many of the references or any of the geography, and I am al……
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Our product team just built something new: now when you paste a Substack publication URL into our editor, it creates a post review.