Closing out today's thread with a list of great writing to dig into! We hope you leave with a few good reads and new writers to connect with too.

We'll be back next week with Office Hours and return in the new year for a Shoutout Thread.

Happy reading,

Katie + Rose + Bailey + Kelsa + Jasmine + Ben + Evans + Maggie

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Howdy all you Substackers, and especially the fictionistas! I write Story Cauldron https://storycauldron.substack.com, in which I talk about storytelling and the writing process for writers and non-writers. Paid subscribers can also read my ongoing YA fantasy novel series The Favor Faeries.

I'd like to shout out Nicole Rivera, who recently launched her new Substack called Story Hoarder, where she is sharing short fiction she's been hanging on to in her secret story vault. She's an excellent writer who also runs the Stop Writing Alone community, and I encourage you to check out her Substack at https://storyhoarder.substack.com/

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Good morning from Seattle everyone! I decided to write a newsletter about parenting from the dad's perspective. There are so many amazing momblogs out there but not enough dad's talking about the funny and weird things we experience as parents. I include humorous stories from my childhood as the 3rd of 4 kids to divorced parents. Take a look and follow if you're interested. Thanks! dadstories.substack.com

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Hi everyone! I write slice-of-life humor. I'd like to recommend two newsletters that make great gifts.

For the history buffs, you can't beat Unruly Figures by Valorie Clark. https://unrulyfigures.substack.com/

For those looking for fun gift ideas, you just can't go wrong with Adventure Snack by Geoffrey Golden. https://adventuresnack.substack.com/

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Hello Everyone! I have a monthly newsletter called For the Love of Nature that focuses on positive news in the world of environmentalism/ sustainability. I try to keep it light-hearted and funny. I hope you check it out!

I also really enjoy Gooped by Trixie and Katya. The newsletter is broken into weekly recommendations and advice columns, and it's always hilarious. If you're looking for a good laugh, you should subscribe.

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Hi! My name is Krager and I created a tool for Substack writers looking to grow their following. I'm curious, what actions do you take write after you publish your issue? Do you use social media?

I personally struggled with finding the motivation to create effective social media activity from my Substack. To help, I created https://newslettertosocials.com which will auto-generate ready-to-post social media assets directly from your newsletter. It's like Canva, but specifically for newsletter writers, and automatic! It takes less than 30 seconds to generate a post.


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Hey, I’m Martin, an indigenous author living in Vancouver. I just signed with an agent for my upcoming novel, The Damned Dance at Night. On top of prose, I co-create comics and am serializing a 300 page superhero murder mystery for FREE on my sub stack. https://martinjohn.substack.com/ Come and join in the fun!

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Mason Currey's Subtle Maneuvers would be a great gift subscription for the artist, writer, or "creative" on your list. Always varied, always interesting.


I write Feed the Monster, "a monthly art practice journal for people who miss getting letters in the mail." My last issue is about my scary adventures in Clown School.

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I recently started "This is bullshit and so can you," an absurd weekly newsletter with a little bit of everything: jokes, rants, insights, and a smattering of OCD. It's really dumb, marginally funny, and part of the core curriculum at ITT Tech.

I enjoy reading Jeff Maurer's I Might Be Wrong newsletter. He's funnier, more coherent, and probably has a higher credit score than I do. https://imightbewrong.substack.com/

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Hi everyone! I write LMH in Your Inbox (lmh.substack.com), an essay and recommendations newsletter primarily focused on culture, identity, books, language, and writing. I post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I love:

- Brandon Taylor's Sweater Weather (https://blgtylr.substack.com/)

- Helena Fitzgerald's Griefbacon (griefbacon.substack.com)

- Anne Helen Petersen's Culture Study (annehelen.substack.com)

- Emily Oster's Parent Data, great for the science-minded, not just parents (emilyoster.substack.com)

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Hey everyone! I write an outdoor newsletter called Cole's Climb, about applying lessons learned on the mountain to our daily lives. If that sounds appealing, please check mine out ;-)

But also, here to plug a great food news letter called Makans of a Chef. Her recipe is a great blend of informative cooking articles, and family heritage. Worth a read!


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hey! my name is vaughan, and i write Music Is Good (https://musicisgood.substack.com), a newsletter where i discuss different current events in music/review albums. my most recent edition is a "best of the month" for november, including some words on taylor swift's re-issue of "red" and others! it can be found here - https://musicisgood.substack.com/p/best-of-november-taylor-swift-and

i've been writing newsletters since march, and have recently gone to a bi-weekly schedule. it would mean the world to me if you could check it out/subscribe for free. it's my hope to one day be a full-fledged music journalist, and this is where i've decided to get my start.

as well as being a huge music enthusiast, i also LOVE sports, specifically of the arizona variety. The Four Point Play is a newsletter that breaks down the best of Suns basketball. i love the game of basketball for its intricacies, and David does an excellent job breaking down some things you may see on the court, but may not fully notice. that can be found here - https://thefourpointplay.substack.com/

thanks for giving me the time of day, and i hope you have a great weekend! go suns!

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I want to shout out a fellow serial fiction writer Kevin, who writes Kevin's Creative Corner. It includes the suspenseful serial The Machine, and the zany serial Conspiracy (aliens, Bigfoot, Hollywood.)


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New to Substack as a writer since August 2021, I am gradually discovering interesting newsletters on the platform like:



The format of Substack is great for readers and writers.

Keep up the good work everyone !

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I'm liking all the shout outs to Cole's Climb, that's pretty cool and well deserved. His post today was great, maybe my favorite (but I'm a cyclist, so I'm biased).

For the fiction writers out there, I like perusing Alison Acheson's DIY The Unschool for Writers. It has tips and exercises for getting that novel working. Not that I care about novels (not really), but I find the posts insightful. https://diymfatheunschoolforwriters.substack.com/

If you're a poet working in this medium, please reach out: we are few and far between (or are we?). My sonnet project has been going on for six months now, passing thirty (thirty!) sonnets just last month. I'm really interested in connecting with others who are pursuing a more independent way of getting work out. And the shout out thread is so awesome to meet new work.

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This shoutout thread is becoming a highlight of my week. Love browsing and seeing what everyone's up to.

My shout is a shameless plug for my own newsletter 'Shelf of Crocodiles' ...but it's also for an author named Ian Duncan, a colleague of mine who stepped up for an in-depth interview.

Ian's six foot three and he greets you in a deep voice. Along with writing, he hikes the lower Appalachians, cuts down trees, and reads stories to his three (soon to be four) kids. He wrote the Cordyceps Trilogy, a series of bio-thrillers about the same fungal spores that infect and take over ants upgrading to the human population, (it's a real thing as far as ants are concerned... the there's some cool time-lapse footage of it).

He also recently published 'On Cove Mountain: Memoir of a Prodigal' a story about backpacking, working in construction, recovery from breakdown, dying to self and ego, and discovering redemption in the skillful hands of the greatest storyteller -- the God of Israel.

It's a smart homecoming story that holds nothing back. Ian's prose is potent, detailed, edgy and meandering... but always thoughtful. There's notes of Jon Krakauer, Annie Dillard... and now and again, comedians like Bill Burr.

Here's the interview: https://crocodileshelf.substack.com/p/on-cove-mountain-with-ian-duncan

And here's Ian: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5444508.Ian_Duncan

Happy reading and posting!

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Hey everyone!

Great to be in community with other great writers here! I've been writing an email newsletter for a few months and will be launching it on Substack next week!

I love writing and I write about:

⚫ Moving from the city to an island

⚫ Connecting with nature with my family

⚫ Working in the tech industry

⚫ Life lessons from pop culture

⚫ Personal essays

💡 Shout out: As a passionate community builder and engagement nerd, I've been enjoying Bailey Richardson's writing for Substack Communities.

📣 Great read: Here she provides links to a ton of resources she and Kevin have developed on how to foster vibrant communities. This is precisely why I wanted to be on Substack!


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If you are a reader like me, you might want to check out "What to Read If" https://whattoreadif.substack.com/

I also publish a newsletter about books where I share the best books I read each month as well as why you should read them https://beetlehope.substack.com/

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Hello comrades in writing. I investigate pleasure -- what is it and why feeling good is so complicated. This week I'm talking to a neuroscientists with Parkinson's disease about what it means to feel good in a body that you can't control. Next week pleasure and plastic.

I'm giving a shout out to a fabulous writer Katie Gee Salisbury who writes an occasional series called Half-Caste Woman about Anna May Wong, the first Asian American movie star.


And, of course, if you aren't already following Patti Smith, she is rocking this medium with her voice memos.


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Hey, everyone! KB here from the Philippines 🏝️

My Substack is about:


-making journals and zines

-building creative communities

-being human

I hope to connect with people who share about their creative processes!

My current fave read is a newly launched page: https://merie.substack.com

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Are you a tech nerd? Do you love futurism and cyberpunk? If so, you'll love The Drescher Drop!

Every edition explores the future of our world by looking at current trends in technology and innovation. We also review sci-fi books and movies, and get the latest news in futurism.

I'm a futurist writer and a tech journalist who loves digging into this stuff. Join here


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I've been truly enjoying The Big Yard: Birdwatching in the Time of Quarantine.


As I've been digging further into my grandfather's love of and appreciation for birds in his own yard and at the Morton Arboretum, it's been neat to follow a fellow bird enthusiast's birdwatching journey here on Substack.

And it's not just the birds that I enjoy, but also the introspective and insightful musings on life during COVID.

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Hi everyone. I'm Mike and I write about the sciencey weirdness of applied curiosity and all the good things it can do for your happiness & hopefulness.

My shoutout is for David Charles and his newsletter: https://davidcharles.substack.com/ Not only does he seem a thoroughly nice bloke, he is *excellent* at posing and answering interesting questions in a delightfully nerdy way, just because he got curious about them.

Case in point: no, we don't lose 40-50% of our bodyheat through our heads: https://davidcharles.substack.com/p/on-sneezing

Also, this isn't a newsletter recommendation but this week I learned about Leaf Sheep, and if you've never encountered them, they will make your day 10,000% better so go have a look:


(Yes, they're absolutely real: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costasiella_kuroshimae).

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She probably doesn't need my help but Polina from The Profile is really an amazing writer, who does deep dives into the lives some incredible people. I've been really enjoying reading her blog.


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I'm just happy I've gotten to post weekly (first goal!) in my newsletter about nature and life. I'm reading so many great newsletters, including:

Culture Study (great community threads!) https://annehelen.substack.com

The Big Yard (birds and life!) https://kenlamberton.substack.com

My Sweet Dumb Brain (life and life and life) https://mysweetdumbbrain.substack.com

So Relatable (writing!) https://sorelatable.substack.com

I apologize to whomever I missed!

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Hi! I'd love to give a shoutout to The Friendly Freelancer by 2 journalists Selma Franssen and Linda Thompson. As a freelancer in Belgium, it's reassuring to read the experiences of others in the same boat with more experience!


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Hi! I'm Asha, and I write Let Your Life Speak, which is a newsletter on rediscovering the lost art of integrity. I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, but my three favorites of the moment are Ask E Jean, by the amazing E Jean Carrol, Men Yell At Me, by lyz, and The Examined Family by Courtney Martin. They are all incredible, thoughtful, funny, brilliant women and great writers.




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Hello again! I'm Ajinkya Goyal, and I write a newsletter called Innocently Macabre, boasting tales of the speculative, the gothic, and the weird and wonderful - there's something for everyone (and a perfect gift for that special fiction afficionado in your life)!

I'd like to recommend The Internet: Personified by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan (https://mrm.substack.com/). I'm not too sure how to describe her newsletter since, to me, it's more of an emotion than a collection of words, but if I had to, it would be a slice-of-life look at the world from her lens. I look forward to every issue!

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Hello everyone! My name is Julia, and I am a journalism student in California by way of Seattle! I am new to the shoutout thread and am so excited to read through the work everyone is sharing.

As a young writer, I have been really appreciating Jami Attenberg’s Craft Talk (https://1000wordsofsummer.substack.com/) as well as Jezz Chung’s Liberated Luxury (https://jezzchung.substack.com/). Both feel like such gifts in my inbox, and I am so grateful for the community and space that Substack has created.

I’ve also started a newsletter of my own (where I examine my relationship with my mom and have conversations with writers and others about their own) as part of a project for class, and it has turned into one of the most meaningful and exciting exercises in self-expression I have ever gotten to share. I’d be honored if you took a peak or subscribed :) https://questionstoaskyourmom.substack.com/

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When I get new subscribers to my newsletter, is there any way to find out where they found my site or where they were coming from when they signed up?

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I'm using 40 years of travel and journalism experience to tell stories from past adventures that illuminate the present in my newsletter, Backstory. I hope anyone interested in international politics, travel and humour will enjoy it! Most recent post on the outbreak of war in Yemen. https://backstory.substack.com/

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And I just saw George Saunders is now on Substack: https://on.substack.com/p/george-saunders-welcome-to-substack


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Hi everyone. I've just passed the six-month mark on my Substack 'Listening Sessions' which is dedicated to music. I'm especially thrilled that my last piece, on jazz singers Jackie Cain & Roy Kral, outperformed all my previous posts. Check it out here: https://listeningsessions.substack.com/p/jackie-and-roy-musical-joie-de-vivre.

I'd love to give a shout-out to Black Music and Black Muses, Harmony Holiday's Substack. It's excellent and a must-read for me: https://harmonyholiday.substack.com/

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Hey everyone! My name is Angelina and I'm a Nuyorican writer & artist, currently living in Puerto Rico. I run The Radical Newsletter, which is a weekly newsletter that shares articles, interviews, essays, fundraisers, etc — all centered around anti-racist work, as well as uplifting and supporting the BIPOC community. You can find it here: https:/theradicalnewsletter.substack.com

I highly recommend following Natalie Cruz who founded Food for Thought. It's an amazing newsletter, as she's an Afro-Latina writer, based in NYC, who's currently eating her way through the city, starting from A all the way to Z. She's got a great voice and shines a light on a ton of cultures' foods that aren't typically talked about. Plus, she interviews chefs, shares recipes, etc. Check her out here: https://nataliecruz.substack.com

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Dear Friends,

I write the newsletter Allegorical, which focuses on finding meaning in the everyday things in life. Cooking, architecture, cultural traditions, that sort of thing. I also give real, actionable advice. If you’re interested, do check out my letters. Take care.

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I'm really loving Kyle Rutkin's Tik Tok Gone. It's an episodic thriller, written in the format of a podcast. "Click Bait meets True Detective in the fictional thriller about the disappearance of TikTok Star, Evie Holiday, and one podcaster’s journey to discover the truth."


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Chris Riback has the absolute best news roundup that comes to you every morning at around 7 a.m. ET Sign up here: https://chrisriback.substack.com/

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Have to circle back around to plug an absolute Gem that always makes me crack up: Ye Olde Tyme News.

Humorous, satirical articles that are written in (mostly) period-accurate dialect.


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This may be a bit meta, but I just started a newsletter about growing your newsletter on social media! I am super passionate about social media and want to compile all the tips and tricks I have used to grow my newsletter. There is much low hanging fruit for writers to take advantage of!

Here is my first issue: https://newslettertosocials.substack.com/p/why-social-media-is-the-best-way

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Hello everyone! I'm Jill. I started a Substack publication on September 30 (Rumi's birthday) called the Misfit Star, devoted to the evolution of consciousness—free of Marxist ideology. I take fellow nonconforming citizens of the world on a quest to discover how ancient civilizations offer keys to understanding the convergence among science, spirituality and yoga. Full access includes love letters from me, relevant news, promotions, and exclusive content shared only with subscribers. The engine is just revving up.

Special shoutout to Meaghie Champion of The Line: It was this Substack post that first got my wheels turning on starting my own Substack publication. I think it may have been last spring I stumbled across it when Maxime Bernier shared it on Facebook.


As for holiday gift subscriptions? Drew McWeeny, the eighties guy who writes The Last '80s Newsletter (You'll Ever Need). Check him out!


And finally, I started a Substack Writers of Gab group for writers and readers of Substack writers to enjoy a censorship-free experience. I'd love to see some of you there!


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Hello, basketball fans! I write a semi-weekly NBA analytics newsletter here where I go into the weeds about NBA trends: https://basketballpoetry.substack.com/.

I really enjoy Tom Ziller's daily basketball newsletter, where he provides thoughtful commentary on the biggest basketball news of the day: https://ziller.substack.com/.

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I'm brand new to Substack, as I try to rid myself of the evil forces of Facebook and to fere myself to explore more lengthy, introspective writing instead of clicky writing. I'm trying to attract the right small number of people instead of large numbers of random people to follow along with my journey. So I'm aspiring to reach seekers, especially those mid-career. I have a unique perspective on prospecting for jobs, stemming from my experience in-house at startups as a PR lead. I never take the contrarian view for the sake of it; I default to the unpopular opinion, though, because that's where wisdom, in my experience, resides. I hope you'll come join me. https://dannygroner.substack.com/

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Hi all. My name is James and I write History Killers, which synthesizes intellectual history, social commentary, and current events for a general readership. Under the History Killers banner, I will also be posting book reviews of notable works of history each month over the next year. Please consider subscribing (it's free!). As a historian, writer, and lecturer, I seek to make intellectual history comprehensible and more appreciated by the general populace through essays, research, and reviews. My work has covered everything from the U.S. Supreme Court to public art in Glasnost-era Russia. I want to give a shout out to two people on Substack who don't need my help but I nevertheless feel compelled to plug because of their incredible journalistic work, Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi.

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I’d like to recommend author Navyo Ericsen’s humorous and thought-provoking Fear or Love (https://navyoericsen.substack.com/). I feel a special pride in this Substack since I’m the one who encouraged him to start it ;-)

Those of you who had to endure awkward smalltalk with politely disagreeing relatives around the holiday dinnertable last week may appreciate my “Letter to an Agree-to-Disagree Relative” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-an-agree-to-disagree-relative).

“Letter to a Tyrant” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-tyrant) is also on fire and getting lobbed at the likes of @BillGates, @wef, @JustinTrudeau, @POTUS, @BorisJohnson, and multiple governors, MPs, health officials, and other assorted tyrants worldwide.

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Hey there! It's T. C. with another Inverted Gentleman Review (igreviews.substack.com). Today we take a look at Dune (2021). Later in this month we will discuss film adaptations of A Christmas Carol. In 2022 expect big things including another virtual film study class you can follow along with at home. And shoutout to Ruins who has been doing a great job keeping the conversation alive. Please stop on by and add to the discussion.

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📚📚📚 Hello all Book Lovers! I write a bookstack at https://goodwinreads.com. All about books—reviews, TBRs, wrap-ups, hauls, etc. You can also follow my bookstagram on https://instagram.com/goodwinreads ❤️❤️❤️

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Hello! I'm Barry and I write Proximities, a daily newsletter that attempts to burst your media bubble by briefly highlighting three non-Western news stories and providing links should you wish to find out more about them.

I reckon Jimmy Doom's Roulette Weal might make a really good gift subscription for the fiction lover in your life. Something a little different and great value for money for all the writing they'll get throughout the year. https://jimmydoom.substack.com/

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Hi everyone! I'm the writer of Ramblings Across the Spectrum, where I write essays about my personal experiences, including living with autism, and my thoughts on the world around me. I also write reviews for novels from the 70s and 80s, focusing on novels reaching their 40th and 50th anniversaries.

One newsletter I recommend is Bookmarked, which focuses on reviewing one novel from every country in the world.


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Shaun Gold here. I write YouTopian Journey, a weekly newsletter based on the comic book of the same name that delivers motivation and inspiration to your inbox. There are almost 6,000 of us so far. Happy to do shout outs and cross promos if its a fit.


I also dig Cole's Climb, check him out, it is super dope.


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Hell hello! My newsletter is for anyone who cares about climate change and the environment, and wants easy, approachable ways to help our planet. Weekly I send through timely and impactful actions you can easily take in two minutes or less (i.e. a pre-scripted letter to a politician or corporate leader, a petition, or a script for a call) plus easy swaps you can make in your own life that wont take much time or headspace.


I keep it positive, uplifting and hopeful. No doom and gloom climate news or shaming.

As for what I'm reading, I really love SnaxShot for food and bevarage trends as well as comical social commentary.

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