This week, we interviewed Becca Lee, who writes The Haunted Librarian, "a spooky lil’ comic inspired by art history and the occult."
Advice on creative growth from Mason Currey, who writes Subtle Maneuvers, an exploration of the day-to-day work habits of great writers, artists, and p…
This week, we interviewed Joey Akan, who writes Afrobeats Intelligence, a publication that examines and celebrates the African music industry.
Writer Office Hours 📅Have questions about publishing, growing, or going paid on Substack? The Substack team, and your fellow writers, are here to help!
Writers are using their Substack publication milestones to share what they’ve learned so far, from what’s been working to what they’d like to try next.
We interviewed Ken Lamberton, who writes The Big Yard, a publication that documents, in words and photos, every bird species that comes to his yard. 
We invited Polina Pompliano, who writes The Profile, to share her secret formula to reader trust and, ultimately, growth.
Four years on Substack: A conversation with Bill Bishop, Substacker #1Four years ago today, Bill Bishop launched the first-ever Substack publication.
Writer Office Hours: Grow 📅Have questions about growing on Substack? The Substack team, and your fellow writers, are here to help!
This week, we interviewed Valorie Clark, who writes Unruly Figures, a publication and podcast about the life and times of the world’s greatest rebels. 
We invited Michael Williams, who writes A Continuous Lean, to share insights on how he channeled his unique niche within menswear and found new readers.
This week, we interviewed Jolene Handy, who writes Time Travel Kitchen, a publication that revisits classic recipes of the early 20th century.