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What to Read: Kelton Wright is adjusting to a new altitude

At year’s end: Writer reflections on publication milestones

Dear Writer: Advice on recognizing what you've accomplished

What to Read: Far & Near is translating Chinese visual media for the world

Substack Gift Guide: Publications for and about writing

Writer Holiday Party πŸŽ‰ Discussion thread

What to Read: Meredith Haggerty is on alert for heiresses

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

What to Read: Blackbird Spyplane is reconnoitering fresh styles

What to Read: A buffet of food writing

Announcing the winners of Substack's Grow Fellowship

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Dr. Eric Topol is Substack's newest Writer in Residence

What to Read: Maya Meredith is cooking by the book

Grow: How Jonathan Nunn perfected the recipe for Vittles

What to Read: Mia Billetdeaux is serving borscht for breakfast

George Saunders, welcome to Substack

Shoutout Thread πŸ“’

Shoutout Thread: Food writing πŸ§‚

Introducing Ruth Reichl and a deeper investment in food writing

What to Read: Daniel Connolly is covering college basketball's team to beat

Tell the British we’re coming

What to Read: Isabella Silvers is exploring the multiracial experience

Giving the gift of a Substack subscription

What to Read: John Warner is channeling the book gods

What to Read: Dennis Lee is getting stupid with food

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

Health insurance for Substack writers

What to Read: Drew McWeeny is watching every ’80s movie

One million strong

What To Read: Jimmy Doom is writing a story a day

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What To Read: Sari Botton is aging gracefully

The internet needs better rules, not stricter referees

What To Read: Richard Godwin is mixing the perfect cocktail

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What To Read: Arjun Mahesh is refreshing your playlist

Illustrators in conversation: Adrian Tomine and Wendy MacNaughton

What To Read: Halloween treat edition

Writer in Residence Jeanette Winterson brings ghost stories to Substack

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

New tools for writers: Flexible paywall, file embeds, and more

What To Read: Becca Lee is savoring spooky season

Growing: Advice for writers, from writers

What To Read: Joey Akan is appreciating Afrobeats

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

One year in: Writer reflections on publication milestones

What To Read: Ken Lamberton is birding in pajamas

How consistency over time helped The Profile build its readership

Four years on Substack: A conversation with Bill Bishop, Substacker #1

Writer Office Hours: Grow πŸ“…

What To Read: Valorie Clark is feeling rebellious

Grow: How a long-running menswear blog found its fit on Substack

What To Read: Jolene Handy is channeling her retro kitchen

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What To Read: JΓΈrgen Veisdal is obsessed with genius, eccentricity and mathematics

Q&A recap: Navigating the pandemic with kids

Grow: How Popular Information rallies readers around accountability

What To Read: Stacy Selby is fighting fire with fire

Introducing Substack’s first Writer in Residence

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

Grow: How a rejected cookbook proposal became a thriving reader-supported Substack

What To Read: Maya Cade is compiling Black film history

Writer Office Hours: Legal πŸ“…

What To Read: Leah Mennies is digging deep into dumplings

Substack Grow: Growing a paid readership

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Mavericks, At Length

What To Read: James Tate is time traveling to 1920s Wall Street

Substack Grow: Launching paid subscriptions

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New ways to recommend and discover great writing

What To Read: Brooks Eisenbise is perusing your yearbook

Substack Grow: Growing your free list

Substack comics on the Panels app

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Healing, At Length: Stillness, Dreams, and Mornings

What To Read: Andrew Zeveney is judging half a century of Oscar winners

Substack Grow: Building a home for your publication

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

Welcome Cocoon

What To Read: Michele Serro is making opera accessible

Substack Grow: Developing a publication strategy

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Possessions, At Length: Photographs, Cookbooks, and Bling

What To Read: Emilie Filou is eating insects

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

Substack Grow: Start by setting goals

We’re betting on comics creators

What To Read: Isaac Fitzgerald is walking and talking

Shoutout Thread πŸ“’

Hidden Histories, At Length: Cowboys, Movie Stars, and Animators

What To Read: Harmony Holiday is reimagining the American Songbook

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

Letter joins Substack to help independent writers work together

Join us for Substack Grow

What To Read: Virginia Sole-Smith is reexamining diet culture

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What To Read: Will Dowd is ruminating on the moon

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

What to Read: Natalie Cruz is eating her way through the world's cuisines

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

Spotlight On: Fiction Writing with Elle Griffin of The Novelleist

What To Read: Dr. Marcia Chatelain is researching fast food history

Shoutout Thread πŸ“’

Breaking off the engagement

What To Read: Michael Sykes is studying sneakers

Spotlight On: Local News with Tony Mecia of The Charlotte Ledger

Getting started with local news on Substack

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

How to craft and style a post

What To Read: Animation Obsessive is showcasing animation around the world

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

Building a team to help writers flourishΒ 

Fiction, At Length: Vampires, Scientists, and Wizards

What To Read: Tyler Watamanuk is sitting pretty

Spotlight On: Investing & Finance with Mike of Nongaap Investing

A guide to publication sections

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

How to polish your publication's About page and one-line description

This Week: Workshop your publication descriptions

What To Read: Ben Miller is putting mental health in context

Shoutout Thread πŸ“’

Announcing the winners of Substack Local: Telling the stories of our communities

Wisdom, At Length: Cars, Cartoons, and Creativity

What To Read: The Fast Times is spotlighting Gen X culture

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

Marvels, At Length: Cows, Walks, and Life Itself

What To Read: Kate Wagner is capturing the thrill of professional cycling

Writer Office Hours πŸ“†

What’s the best writing advice you’ve received? And the worst?

Desire, At Length: Love, Rings, and Startups

What To Read: Winnie Kong is amplifying Asian American voices

Growing the pie for writers

Writer Office Hours πŸ“…

Retelling, At Length: Letters, Ladies, and Vampires

What To Read: Max Falkowitz is nurturing bonsai trees

New: Add sections to your publication

Making, At Length: Songwriting, Cocktails, Illustrations

What To Read: Anna, Julia, Niki, and Forrest are cooking seafood

New: More control over your subscriptions and community

What To Read: Kevin Maguire is redefining fatherhood

What To Read: Tyler, Alex, and Serey are recommending things

Introducing Substack Local, for a new generation of local news

What To Read: Wesley Verhoeve is teaching photography

What To Read: Victor Luckerson is uncovering Black history

Investing in writers

What To Read: Tabatha Leggett is reading a book from every country

New! Homepage links, restore post drafts, and improved stats page

How we approach moderation decisions

Going Paid: How Edwin Dorsey launched and grew The Bear Cave

What To Read: Mitch Blum is hunting for the best music

Substack is for independent writers

Going Paid: Advice from Illyanna Maisonet, author of Eat Gorda Eat

Going Paid: How Camila Russo launched and grew The Defiant

Going Paid: How Craig Morgan launched and grew AZ Coyotes Insider

Going Paid: How Christopher Curtis launched and grew The Rover

Going Paid: How Courtney Martin launched and grew The Examined Family

Why we pay writers

What To Read: Alex Wolfe is walking everywhere

What's a musician doing on Substack?

What To Read: Mary AnnaΓ―se Heglar and Amy Westervelt want climate justice

Dear ____: Advice on writing an advice column

What To Read: Folu Akinkuotu is sampling all the best snacks

A proposed cure for media angst about Substack

Interview: Thao Nguyen shares her musical journey

Patrick McKenzie on how to think like a business for writers

Casey Newton on what writers can provide their readers

Lenny Rachitsky on how to build a consistent writing habit

How Petition grew their financial newsletter – anonymously

What To Read: Lyndsey D'Arcangelo is covering women's basketball

New! Better analytics for your subscribers

A guide to your subscriber dashboard

What To Read: Brian Potter is studying how buildings are made

What To Read: Jennifer Billock is making magic in the kitchen

Welcome, Facebook and Twitter. Seriously.

What To Read: Maddie Stone examines science and fiction

Zeynep Tufekci offers an antidote to the attention economy

What To Read: Ida Yalzadeh is mixing academia and culture

What To Read: Ariel Foxman on what it's like to be a dad

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