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Gift subscriptions for the holidays

How to use discussion threads to get closer to your readers

Three to read: Lindsay Gibbs, Sarah Gailey, Scott Hines

Hey, writers: Ask some lawyers anything

Introducing the Substack Fellowship for Independent Writers

Three to read: Sarah Bessey, Whitney Fishburn, Dennis Lee

Three to read: Henry Abbott, Kelly Dwyer, Jordan Sperber (basketball edition)

Two years of Substack

Three to read: Phil Plait, Ariel Meadow Stallings, James Maynard

Thread for publishers: Ask Sarah Noeckel anything

How Sarah Noeckel's Femstreet newsletter went from zero to 5,000 subscribers

Substack welcomes The Dispatch, a new type of media company

Three to read: Daniel Ortberg, Camila Russo, Ernest Wilkins

Thread for publishers: How do you get subscribers?

We’re building a team to help writers

Three to read: Robert Christgau, Lily Zacharias, Amal El-Mohtar

Three to read: Emily Atkin, Aatish Bhatia, Sarah Lazarovic

Open thread for publishers

Three to read: Samantha Irby, Grace Lavery, Jeremy Botter

Three to read: Derek Davison, Richard MacManus, Two Bossy Dames

New on Substack: Self-serve special offers

Three to read: Sasha Frere-Jones, Mara Wilson, and Sarah Bohl

Three to read: Delia Cai, Terrell Johnson, Julia Carpenter

Three to read: Jonathan Katz, Shauna Ahern, Christine Sismondo & Adam McDowell

Three to read: Cari Wade Gervin, Adam Wren, Tony Mecia

How to do something about local news

Three to read: Katie Hawkins-Gaar, Tse Wei Lim, Simone Polanen

Three to read: Claire Zulkey, Matt Stoller, Louis Peitzman

Three to read: Kelsey McKinney, Kate McKean, DongWon Song

The future of Substack

Three to read: Ann Kjellberg, Amee Vanderpool, and Mystery Person

Three to read: Heather Havrilesky, Sophia Benoit, Vicki Boykis

Ask Substack anything (right now)!

A growth masterclass with Judd Legum of Popular Information

What would you love to see in Substack?

New on Substack: Build your community with discussion threads

Ads vs subscriptions: Where does podcasting's future lie?

Why free posts pay: avoiding a tempting mistake

We have a real logo now

How to use Substack for podcasts

Stand up for Luke O’Neil and against the owner of the Boston Globe

What you get when you start a Substack publication

Why we have a leaderboard

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You should start your own media business

Don't blink, just say the link!

Introducing email preambles

#012 – Media critic Jesse Brown on the secrets behind Canadaland's crowdfunded success

Handy docs for publishers: FAQs and a launch checklist

Anyone can now use Substack for audio

Introducing Substack for audio