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Interview: How Kushaan Shah reads 30-40 newsletters per week

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What To Read: Amy Jean Porter is drawing every animal

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What To Read: Tse Wei Lim looks at how food is made

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What To Read: Clayton Mansel is studying our brains

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What To Read: Caroline McCarthy is exploring the outdoors

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What To Read: Tzvi Gluckin is listening to Jewish music

Meet the first batch of Substack Bridge mentees

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Interview: Jemima Kiss wants to be part of the solution to climate change

Hemingway challenge: Write an entire story in six words.

We’re taking a step towards carbon removal – and you can help

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What To Read: Phil and Gillian want to live with their friends

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How to add a custom domain to your Substack publication

What To Read: Sady Doyle watches a lot of horror movies

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What To Read: Steve Lord is exploring weird internet worlds

What To Read: Neena Saha is bridging the research gap

What To Read: Ariel Norling tells us about houses

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How Abigail Koffler grew her email list from scratch

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Substack is now available for writers going paid in India

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Substack Podcast #022: Pandemic economics with Nathan Tankus

How Jarrett Carter successfully built an audience around a niche topic

Substack Podcast #021: Cookbooks with Paula Forbes

How Scott Hines got his first 1,000 signups in less than five months

How Lenny Rachitsky earned $65,000 in his first year of writing

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Substack Podcast #020: Gen Z with Terry Nguyen

Substack Podcast #019: Mental Health with Fiza Pirani

Legal support for Substack writers

Substack Podcast #018: Corporate governance with Francine McKenna 

Substack Podcast #017: Psychedelics with Zach Haigney

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Substack Podcast #016: Finance with Kevin Muir

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Substack Podcast #013: Local news with Tony Mecia of The Charlotte Ledger

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